Couldn’t they return the favor and show off their love only after everybody had forgotten the incident?

Gu Bailu clutched her chest in fury.

The little fox made her a cup of tea. “My lady, you sit here for now. I’ll tell them to go away.”

He certainly didn’t dare let his lady’s former husband have tea here with his new wife; that would be a slap in his lady’s face.

When he was about to get up, Gu Bailu grabbed his arm. “No… Don’t kick them out. Serve them the best tea and charge them the highest price!”

She was determined to face them now that Feng Qingtian had brought his woman here.

It was a good thing she hadn’t given him her heart at the beginning.

If she had fallen for his gentleness, she didn’t know what would have become of her now.

“Okay…” The little fox quickly left.

Prince Zi’s carriage stopped outside the teahouse, and he got out. Everybody in and outside the teahouse stared at the curtain of the carriage as they imagined how beautiful the woman who had kicked out the former Princess Zi had to be.

After all, as useless as the former Princess Zi was, nobody could deny that she was pretty.

As if knowing that everybody was expecting her, the woman in the carriage dawdled for quite a while before she stretched out a hand.

Prince Zi took her hand and helped her down from the carriage.

Everybody saw how gorgeous the woman was and envied Prince Zi.

The new princess was sexier than the previous one, which was more attractive to a man.

With his hand on her hip, Feng Qingtian walked her into the teahouse.

As everybody watched, the little fox greeted them with a smile. “Prince and Princess Zi, this place is brighter with your presence. Please take a seat.”

Yan Anchun glanced at him in interest. “I told you that this teahouse is good. See how gorgeous the workers here are.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at the little fox and smelled something familiar.

He grabbed the little fox and asked, “What’s that scent?”

Everybody widened their eyes. Was Prince Zi into this sexy and gentle manager?

Grabbing the man so directly — as expected of Prince Zi.

The little fox was confused. “It’s just tea. I made chrysanthemum tea a moment ago. Do you want any, my lord?”

It definitely wasn’t the scent of chrysanthemum tea.

However, the manager didn’t seem to be lying, nor would he dare to.

Feng Qingtian let go of him, frowning and upset, and Yan Anchun reached for his arm and said, “Prince Zi, so many people are watching.”

Feng Qingtian put his hand on her hip, and they went up to the second floor of the teahouse.

The little fox opened the door to a private room on the second floor, which had a window overlooking the moat of Pale Emperor City.

The view wasn’t so great in early winter, but the warm sunlight and the busy street outside were still pleasant.

Yan Anchun let go of Feng Qingtian’s hand and looked down from the window, before she said, “My lord, they’re selling tanghulu over there. I want some.”