Gu Bailu knew that money was indispensable for anyone, with or without spiritual power.

Now that she had stores, she could always make money once she hired the right managers.

The store that she had taken from the second prince had been turned into a restaurant which sold the dishes that Prince Zi ate.

But she had no access to Prince Zi’s food habits now, so few people would go to that restaurant.

Hence, she had to start a new business.

How she wished that money wasn’t a problem for her.

Regretfully, she couldn’t take any of the gold and jewelry in the underwater palace, and could only let Feng Qingtian have them.

Gu Bailu went to her last teahouse, which had a lot of customers. It was her only teahouse that was making a profit.

The manager of the teahouse was a charming and gorgeous man.

He was also the most important reason why the teahouse was doing well.

After staring at him for a while, Gu Bailu found him much more alluring than most women.

No wonder even a woman as ruthless as Ye Yunshu was attracted to him.

However, the man was even sexier without clothes on.

The man discovered her soon after Gu Bailu entered the teahouse. He greeted her in delight. “My lady, you’re here…”

“The business is thriving. Nice job.”

The gorgeous man said, “Let’s talk upstairs.”

Gu Bailu followed him upstairs to a private room. She sat down and asked, “Has Ye Yunshu approached you in the last few days?”

“Yes. She said that she would take me away from Pale Emperor City in a day or two. She wants to go to Heavenly Wind Empire. She said that her daughter is in a relationship with someone from a noble family in Heavenly Wind Empire,” said the man truthfully.

Gu Bailu nodded in satisfaction. “Do you have the money she intercepted from my stores’ earnings?”

“I’ll give it to you.” The man soon returned with a black box. “The deeds and everything are here. They’re all under my name, so she actually owns nothing.”

“Well done.” Gu Bailu patted his shoulder. “It couldn’t have been easy to accompany that hideous woman. You can take those checks and have some fun with some beautiful girls or boys.”

The man frowned slightly. “I don’t need them.”

“Why? You’re not in love with that hideous woman, are you?” Gu Bailu didn’t think that he would be so stupid.

“I want you.” The man pulled her into his arms.

Gu Bailu pushed him away with one arm. “Don’t get any funny ideas. I was married.”

“Aren’t you already divorced?” The man gave an attractive smile. “He wasn’t right for you.”

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead into her hand. “You’re just a fox. Don’t cross the line.”

She had given him a chance to become human, and he helped her bait Ye Yunshu. That was their deal.

“I know you don’t want me because my body has been tarnished by that woman.” The man seemed hurt.

“Well…” That was definitely a big reason.

“I want to be with you. Why don’t you contract me? I think I can be useful.”