Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 405 - Buy Jewelry With Me  

“You’re scared that I’ll kill her?”

Qin Shou nodded. “Yes.”

“What I don’t want anymore is still mine. Have someone keep an eye on the Gu house, and don’t let anyone get close, especially not Gu Yunjing.”


Qin Shou was worried again. “If the current Princess Zi finds out, she’ll probably make a fuss…”

The new princess was as great a troublemaker as the previous one.

Feng Qingtian stared at him sharply. “Whose side are you on?”

“Of course I’m on your side, my lord.”

“Then has it occurred to you that your lord isn’t happy?” Feng Qingtian threw the divorce paper aside and went to the secret chamber.

Qin Shou waited for more than an hour, but Feng Qingtian still didn’t come out.

It seemed that he was truly angry, but he didn’t know what he could do, so he had gone off to sulk on his own.

His lord had never done that except after the one time the former princess criticized him, and he had been unwilling to fight back.

Had the former princess acted outrageously?

It wasn’t her fault, though. She had been the cherished Princess Zi, until a stranger came along and got her kicked out.

It was already a miracle that the former Princess Zi hadn’t turned the house upside down.

But Qin Shou wished that Gu Bailu was still around to stir up trouble in this house.

While Qin Shou was waiting for Feng Qingtian, the new princess arrived and asked, “Where is the lord?”

“Training in the secret chamber.” Qin Shou didn’t dare tell her the truth.

“I want to go out and buy some jewelry. Ask him how much longer he’ll be.” The new princess sat down in a chair.

Qin Shou reported via a voice transmission, “My lord, the princess wants you to go buy some jewelry with her. Should I…”

His lord had to be too angry right now to go shopping.

“I’m on my way out.”

Qin Shou almost fell over after he heard his lord’s gutless answer.

It seemed that his lord pampered every woman he loved, and the former princess wasn’t unique.

Qin Shou was slightly bewildered. His lord always smiled when the former Princess Zi was around, but the atmosphere with the new one never seemed right.

Feng Qingtian soon came out of the secret chamber. Seeing that the new princess was having tea, he said gently, “You can order jewelry through the servants. There’s no need to buy it yourself.”

Yan Anchun smiled brilliantly. “With all the rumors outside, I have to show people what the new Princess Zi looks like.”

She rose and grabbed Feng Qingtian’s hand in delight. “Let’s go.”

Feng Qingtian frowned slightly, but came back to himself quickly and led Yan Anchun out of the house.

The gate of Prince Zi’s house finally opened.

After the meal, Gu Bailu went with Ah Luo to check the stores that were under her mother’s name, and discovered that they were all poorly managed.

There were few customers, and after examining the accounts, she discovered that the income couldn’t cover the rent in Pale Emperor City.