Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 404 - No Man Feels Good After Being Divorced  

Everything in the house was as usual. The servants were working dutifully, the guards were expressionless, and the owner of the house was enjoying wine with his new lover in the pavilion.

The woman was wearing scanty clothing, but since it was early winter, she still shivered slightly in the cold breeze.

It was clear from Prince Zi’s face that he was very satisfied with his former lover.

Gu Bailu was suddenly furious. Why couldn’t she get a peaceful divorce?

The man was enjoying his new lover, yet was unwilling to cut her loose?

Gu Bailu stepped forward and kicked the gate to Prince Zi’s house.

All the stalkers held their breaths. Was this piece of garbage really going to break in through the gate?

The kick left a hole in the gate, but Gu Bailu didn’t go in.

She simply took out the divorce notice from her sleeve and flung it into the hole, then clapped her hands after that.

She then took out something else from her other sleeve and tossed it through the hole as well.

After that, Gu Bailu looked at the plaque above the gate.

She remembered how she had sworn to herself that she would keep away from Prince Zi when she left the house for the first time.

But fate had played her for a fool anyway.

This time, she had to defend her dignity and stay away from him.

After she left Prince Zi’s house, the gossipers surrounded her again.

“Princess Zi, what did you just throw into Prince Zi’s house?”

“A divorce notice. If I had seen this coming, I would’ve brought ants and snakes with me and thrown them inside as well.”

“But you also tossed something else inside.”

Gu Bailu smiled brilliantly. “Since Prince Zi doesn’t have the guts to see me, I simply wrote a statement to say that he’s no longer my husband.”

The gossipers immediately fled again.

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

Why were they running away so quickly? She had been about to tell them how great she felt when she threw the documents into the house.

“Forget it. Ah Luo, ignore those cowards. Let’s go have Prince Zi duck.”

The gate to Prince Zi’s house remained closed the entire day, but soon after they left, someone picked up what Gu Bailu had thrown inside.

In the study, Qin Shou was worried and anxious. Looking at the two sheets of paper, he didn’t know what to say to his lord, who remained quiet.

“My lord, the princess is obviously determined to break up with you. Should you consider…”

Qin Shou couldn’t help but speak up.

His lord had loved the princess so much before; he didn’t believe that his lord could transfer that love to another woman so quickly.

“Qin Shou, she is no longer Princess Zi. She’s divorced me.”

Any other time, Qin Shou would have thought that his lord was teasing him. However, there was a chilly look on his lord’s face, which indicated that the man was in an awful mood.

Of course, no man would feel great after being divorced.