Despite the warm sun, everybody on the street froze.

Was this woman crazy?

Dropping off a divorce notice with Prince Zi?

A woman who had been kicked out dared to return?

Was she trying to get herself killed?

It was true that this garbage was simple-minded.

“But I don’t know if he will accept it,” said Gu Bailu worriedly.

Is that what you’re worried about?

You should be worrying if you’ll come out alive! If you’ve been kicked out, you should just lie low. At worst, you’ll only be mocked by the whole world, like you’ve always been. Why do you have to get yourself killed?

But of course, nobody really said that to Gu Bailu. For them, she was just a topic of gossip; they didn’t really care if she lived or died.

“But it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t accept it… I have other ways.” Gu Bailu grinned. “Since you’re free, why don’t you come with me? I fear that I might be outnumbered.”

…So her head wasn’t really filled with paste. Wasn’t she determined earlier to take on Prince Zi’s house on her own?

“Well… I have something to do at home…” The gossipy young man was the first to run off.

He didn’t fancy being killed by accident while watching the drama.

There were some shows that could be watched, and some that couldn’t.

After he left, the crowd quickly dispersed.

Gu Bailu said regretfully, “The new Princess Zi is really pretty. Do you really not want to take a look at her?”

Of course they didn’t. However pretty she was, she belonged to Prince Zi.

“Ah Luo, let’s go.”

Gu Bailu was bored. She had planned to gather a big crowd, but all of them chickened out in the end.

So, under everybody’s gazes, Gu Bailu walked to the end of the street.

When she turned the corner, she counted hundreds of stalkers who were secretly spying on her.

Those people were interested in the drama, but didn’t dare watch it out in the open.

How pitiful.

Since they were so pitiful, she decided to make the drama even more spectacular.

Should she point at Feng Qingtian’s nose and curse him?

Or should she ask for compensation?

While she considered this, she reached Prince Zi’s house.

But to her surprise, the gate to Prince Zi’s house was closed without a single guard in sight.

“What’s going on? Did Prince Zi move? Or did the woman run away after swindling him out of his possessions?” Gu Bailu made a few guesses.

The stalkers behind her were dumbfounded as well, since the gate to Prince Zi’s house was never closed.

It was wide open even at night, but nobody ever dared to break in.

“Why is the gate closed?”

“To prevent this garbage from delivering the divorce notice, of course.”

“Is Prince Zi scared of her? Prince Zi can easily drive her off this street.”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

Can you stop whispering? Although your voices are low, I can still hear you loud and clear. How annoying.

She only wanted a peaceful divorce so that she could be a single lady again.

Why was she shut out?

Did they think this would stop her?