Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 401 - Prince Zi Takes the Blame  

“This is my place; I don’t need to report what I do to you.” Gu Bailu was in a foul mood when she saw her. “Get the hell out, or I’ll kick you out naked.”

Gu Wanqin was infuriated. “This house belongs to my father and my mother. You should be the one to get the hell out.”

“You’re not leaving? Then prepare to get naked.”

Gu Bailu turned around and left.

She decided not to talk to Gu Wanqin in case it ruined her mood.

In her room, Gu Bailu waited for the shameless couple to return.

Very soon, they returned in frustration, and ran to Gu Bailu’s room. “Speak. Did you take the title deed?”

“It’s mine in the first place. Why can’t I take it?” Gu Bailu looked at them in amusement from the bed. “Were you laughed at when you went to the authorities with a fake deed? You must’ve been driven out with brooms, or there wouldn’t be ash all over your face.”

Ye Yunshu declared, “Trash, you’re already married. This house belongs to your father. You can’t do anything even if you have the deed.”

“Who says I’m married?” Gu Bailu denied it quickly. “I’ll send Prince Zi a divorce notice later, so you can just get the hell out of here.”

Ye Yunshu suddenly had the same feeling as her daughter – this piece of trash was crazy.

Send Prince Zi a divorce notice? How could she dare do that?

“If you don’t go now, you might not be able to flee once the divorce notice is delivered,” said Gu Bailu lazily.

“You don’t have the guts to do that. You’re just bluffing.”

Gu Bailu took out the divorce notice from her sleeve and showed it to them. “My name and my seal are on this. Let me ask you again. Are you leaving or not?”

Pale, Ye Yunshu dragged Gu Zongxiong out. “My lord, let’s get out of here! This piece of trash is crazy! We must stay away from her!”

What would happen when Prince Zi got the divorce notice?

It was possible that he would raze the house to the ground in his fury.

Assets definitely weren’t as important as one’s own life.

She certainly didn’t want to be killed because of Gu Bailu’s lunacy.

The whole world fell quiet, and all Gu Bailu could taste was fresh air.

She smiled, not planning to let Ye Yunshu go just like that.

“My lady, I was with Mrs. Li on the street just now, and many people were speaking ill of you.”

Ah Luo had been out with Mrs. Li earlier to hire servants. While they didn’t need servants for themselves, such a big house had to be tended to.

“What did they say about me?” Gu Bailu could totally imagine it.

But she didn’t really care. She was determined to kick Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu out of this house, and let everybody know what they had done, so that they couldn’t make a living in Pale Emperor City.

As for the part where Prince Zi kicked her out, well, there was nothing she could say about that.

“They all said that Prince Zi grew tired of you and got himself a new lover…”