Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 400 - Be My Own Master  

Gu Bailu sat down and had some tea. Her mouth was getting dry from all the talking.

“How can you ask us to leave? We’ve worked dutifully for the Gu family for years…”

If they were kicked out like this, they wouldn’t get any retirement fees, and there would be nothing they could do.

“You did so many horrible things in this house; should I send you to prison instead? Worked dutifully? While you were helping Gu Zongxiong do bad things, your wife had a son with your neighbor, and you’re raising his son for him right now.”

The butler, who was leading everyone, turned cold. “Nonsense!”

“Nonsense? Maybe you’ll believe me after I point out the fact that you spent last night in her room.”

Gu Bailu pointed at Gu Zongxiong’s eighteenth concubine, who used to be an escort.

Flushing, the butler was struck by realization, and quickly ran off.

“You’re running very fast. Not going to deny it anymore?” Gu Bailu wasn’t really interested in their disgusting private affairs, but she had to do it in order to take back the Gu house.

“Are you going to leave or not?” She stared at the concubine who was having an affair with the butler, and the concubine snorted. “I’m not staying here.”

She had thought that she could enjoy a good life with Gu Zongxiong, but almost all the things in the Gu house had been sold off.

Gu Zongxiong had to think about it first before he bought her anything, and Ye Yunshu controlled all the money.

So, the concubine simply walked away.

Another one down.

“Are you leaving or not? Otherwise, I can air your dirty laundry as well,” Gu Bailu said with a faint smile.

Those whose names she had just thrown out didn’t dare stay any longer; they knew that even if they stayed, they would only be humiliated.

This useless lady was uncanny in this regard; she seemed to know everything that they had done.

Immediately, half the crowd disappeared.

The whole hall fell quiet.

Gu Bailu looked at those who were left and said, “You can stay since you haven’t done anything outrageous.”

“Thank you, princess.”

“I’ve been kicked out of Prince Zi’s house. You can call me miss in the future.”

Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment. How did their lady have the courage to return to the Gu house when she had been kicked out?

“Relax, I have the title deed. The Gu house is mine. Stay if you want to, but if you don’t, I can give you some money before you leave.”

These people hadn’t done anything evil, so she was willing to compensate them if they resigned.

“My lady, we’re not leaving.”

Even if they left the Gu house, all they could ever be were servants.

“Mrs. Li, go recruit some new maids and servants. In the future, there will only be two masters in this house: me and Ah Luo. Got it?”

“Got it.”

“Ah Luo.”

Ah Luo hurriedly distributed red packets to the servants. “This is a tip from the lady. Go buy some meat.”

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead into her hand. Can’t you think about something other than meat?

You can tell them to get married with the red packets.

She had put quite a lot of money in the red packets.

By the time Gu Wanqin arrived, everybody in the front hall had disappeared.