Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 399 - Here“s When Her Family’s Skills Come In Handy  

Gu Bailu soon found the deed, as well as other deeds to a bunch of stores.

More than half the stores had been sold, and Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu had claimed the money.

There was also a will that stunned Gu Bailu.

Was this her mother’s handwriting?

It was beautiful but unsteady, as if it had been written when she was very sick.

According to the will, ownership of the house would go to Gu Zongxiong if Gu Bailu was properly married off to a good husband.

Gu Bailu shed tears with the will in her hand. She had never felt the warmth of her mother, who tried to protect her even though she was sick.

She probably set up the will because she knew that her daughter might get hurt, and she wanted to use the possessions in the house to ensure her daughter’s safety.

Gu Bailu wiped her eyes, determined not to give anything to Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu.

Gu Bailu hurriedly copied the deeds and put a fake deed for the Gu house on the top.

She wrote down random values in the deeds.

Then, she left with the real deed.

After treating his injuries, Gu Zongxiong returned to his study with Ye Yunshu. “Take the deed and let’s go change the name on it. That garbage is married anyway, and the will can take effect now.”

Ye Yunshu took action fast enough, and they left the house within a quarter of an hour.

Gu Bailu summoned everybody in the house after they left.

She put the deed on the table and said, “I’ve gathered you here today to let you know who the real owner of this house is. My mother didn’t give Gu Zongxiong anything before she passed away. The deed is still under my mother’s name, and I’m my mother’s only daughter, so this house is mine.”

Everybody simply looked at each other; they didn’t know that Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu had been fake owners all along.

Gu Bailu stood up and wept sorrowfully. “I also didn’t find out until recently that my mother died because of the two of them. When my mother was pregnant with me, those people cheated on my mother behind the screen in the room after my mother fell asleep, and my mother caught them when she woke up. My mother was so infuriated that she vomited blood and never got better since then.

“After that, they begged for my mother’s forgiveness, and my mother let them go. However, instead of being grateful to my mother, they put chronic poison in my mother’s medication and eventually caused her death.

“So, I will not allow them to stay in my mother’s place and enjoy my mother’s inheritance. Those two traitors must get out.”

Gu Bailu stopped crying and declared resolutely, “I know that many of you have done a lot of bad things for them. For example, you…”

She pointed at a maid. “You started following Gu Zongxiong when you were young. Back then, it was you who put poison in my mother’s medication under his orders.

“You, you sent a letter to Wang Dachong’s aunt about me being married off to Wang Dachong.

“You… One of Ye Yunshu’s nephews was beaten up for sleeping with someone else’s wife. It was you who helped him take care of it.

Gu Bailu pointed out the bad things that many people did, and their faces all turned pale.