Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 397 - You“re Still Laughing?  

“Lulu, why did you come home at midnight? Won’t Prince Zi be anxious? You should go back.” Ye Yunshu spoke as if she were a caring mother.

Gu Bailu didn’t even bother to look at her. “Why didn’t you care about me when you pushed me into the fire pit? You’re only scared that Prince Zi will vent his fury on you, aren’t you?”

Ye Yunshu smiled. “Of course not. Everybody in Pale Emperor City knows that Prince Zi cherishes you.”

“The more he cherishes me, the more likely I’ll forget my boundaries. You certainly won’t get away if I do something heinous.”

Gu Bailu enjoyed her tea unhurriedly.

Ye Yunshu didn’t look well. Had this woman really come back after infuriating Prince Zi?

Or perhaps, had Prince Zi grown tired of her and kicked her out?

“You… haven’t really committed any crime, have you?”

“I intend to live a long life and see how it ends for you and Gu Zongxiong, so I certainly wouldn’t do anything so stupid,” Gu Bailu snapped.

“You!” Ye Yunshu exploded with anger. “You’re utterly disrespectful toward your seniors. No wonder Prince Zi drove you back.”

Gu Bailu kicked her and said, “Mind what you say. I’m still Princess Zi. If you don’t want to die, watch yourself. Go bring Gu Zongxiong here. Tell him to bring the deed with him.”

Ye Yunshu couldn’t get back to her feet after a long moment.

Gu Wanqin happened to walk by. She roared angrily, “Gu Bailu, what are you doing? Why did you hurt my mother?”

Gu Wanqin hurriedly helped Ye Yunshu back to her feet.

“Why shouldn’t I?” asked Gu Bailu.

“Even though you’re Princess Zi, my mother is still your senior, and you’ll be punished for disrespecting her if we report it to His Majesty!” Gu Wanqin raised her voice.

Gu Bailu rested her chin in her hand. “You’re saying that she’s my senior? Why don’t I know of any senior who would marry their daughter off to a man with a venereal disease?”

Gu Wanqin snorted. “You only deserve a man with a venereal disease.”

Gu Bailu rose and slapped her in the face, and Gu Wanqin felt it practically turn numb.

“Do you know why I slapped you?” asked Gu Bailu softly.

Gu Wanqin was about to yell, but Ye Yunshu stopped her. “Why are you so rash today? Don’t let her turn what you said against you.”

“I only deserve a man with a venereal disease? Are you referring to Prince Zi?”

Gu Wanqin knew it was bad that she had said that. She had been so angry just now that she forgot.

This garbage was different now. She was Princess Zi, and was on the list of royal family members.

Gu Wanqin was about to kneel and ask for forgiveness, when a maid signaled to her. She hurriedly walked over to the maid and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The maid whispered something to her, and Gu Wanqin immediately laughed.

“My good sister, you’re still showing off here when Prince Zi kicked you out? Prince Zi openly received a beauty today.” Gu Wanqin burst into laughter.

It felt great to not have to pretend to be obedient in front of Gu Bailu.

She had been waiting for this to happen to Gu Bailu, and hadn’t expected it to really happen.

Gu Bailu smiled mockingly. “You’re still laughing? I’m asking for this house precisely because I was kicked out, good sister.”