Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 396 - The Gu House Is Truly Hers  

She felt angry, but she didn’t know whom she should blame.

Was Feng Qingtian wrong? No. He was gentle and sweet to her because he thought that she was his lover from his previous life.

Was she wrong? No. She had been protecting herself.

But she had indeed been wondering all this time if she was the person he was looking for, until it turned out that she wasn’t.

Thanks to her wariness, he hadn’t become essential to her, and she wasn’t grieved.

However, her heart was still empty, and she would be lying if she said that she didn’t feel bad for losing such a great husband.

Then, was the woman wrong? Of course not. She was the person least at fault, and she must feel even more horrible because her husband had been claimed by some random woman.

Those two were supposed to be a couple.

Nobody was wrong, but Gu Bailu was still angry!

She felt awful that she couldn’t find anybody to hate.

The thing that annoyed her was that Feng Qingtian forgot all his promises the moment his former lover showed up, when he had sworn so confidently that Gu Bailu was his former lover.

He didn’t even bother to pretend to ask her to stay when she left.

That’s really not okay, Feng Qingtian!

Gu Bailu sat up; Ah Luo was already sound asleep.

Gu Bailu smiled. Thankfully, she still had Ah Luo, who was always by her side no matter what.

She got off the bed and left the room in a cloak.

Since she couldn’t sleep, she decided to train.

She was on her way to the back garden, when she overheard Gu Zongxiong and Ye Yunshu talking to each other.

“That piece of trash is back. Why did she suddenly come back? Did she find out about the title deed for the Gu house?” said Ye Yunshu.

Though Gu Bailu was some distance away, her ears were keen enough for her to hear them.

“How could she? She would be demanding the house if she knew.”

“In any case, we have to change the deed at the office tomorrow in case anything happens.”

“Of course, but Pale Emperor City is Prince Zi’s, and those people will certainly report the change to him.”

“I think she must’ve come home because she had a quarrel with Prince Zi. We should do it tomorrow. Prince Zi won’t help her if they’re fighting.”

“Let’s go to sleep and see what she does tomorrow.”

Gu Bailu’s ears pricked up. She never knew that her name was on the deed for the Gu house.

Right, when her grandfather passed away, all the assets were transferred to her mother.

She was her mother’s only daughter, and those assets were now lawfully hers!

Gu Bailu smiled and trained under a tree.

Although her skills had advanced, she could still only read the minds of regular people.

She had to get stronger.

Thankfully, she had never stopped pushing herself to grow even when she was with Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu meditated under the tree. When she opened her eyes again, it was bright and sunny.

She felt like cursing again.

Why was the weather so great when her mood was so foul? It should be raining cats and dogs!