Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 393 - The Excitement of Exposing Infidelity  

“He went to the garden with Qin Shou and never returned,” her new maid hurriedly replied.

Gu Bailu nodded and looked at her. “How’s your marriage?”

The maid looked happy and healthy. Ye Si must be nice to her.

“Thanks to you, princess, my husband is nice to me.” Her maid knelt and thanked her.

“Alright,” Gu Bailu responded casually; she was wondering why Feng Qingtian had taken Qin Shou away, when Qin Shou had important matters to report.

Feng Qingtian had barely changed after he regained his memories, but it was this very lack of change which didn’t seem right.

Gu Bailu thought for a moment before she said, “Ye Ying, take me to the garden.”

Feng Qingtian followed Qin Shou to the garden and saw the person that Qin Shou had mentioned.

She was wearing pink and standing among the flowers. Noticing the newcomers, she turned around and smiled. “You’re back, Prince Zi.”

When she smiled, she seemed to outshine even the moon.

“I knew that you would be willing to meet me… We need to have a good talk, don’t you think?” She spoke softly, but wasn’t to be refused.

Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes. “What do you want to talk about?”

“About who’s real and who’s fake, and what you’re going to do next. Now that your memories are restored, you should know whom you’re really looking for. I am Yan Anchun.”

Yan Anchun walked over gracefully to Feng Qingtian.

Standing before Feng Qingtian, she smiled and said, “Look, my lord, I can approach you too, both here and in bed.”

Feng Qingtian turned around. “Come with me.”

Feng Qingtian led her into a secret chamber in the garden, and Qin Shou was told to guard the door.

When Gu Bailu reached the garden, the bright moon was blocked by clouds, casting the place in shadow.

Her heart grew heavy.

Her intuition told her that something big was about to happen.

In fact, she could divine things with the arts she had learned, but she couldn’t calculate her own fate.

Feng Qingtian was too powerful, and she couldn’t calculate his fate as well.

So, it was rather embarrassing that she couldn’t use her family’s skills to divine anything around her.

However, she was able to discover Feng Qingtian’s location, not through divination, but with her intuition as a woman.

Qin Shou’s eyes almost popped out when he saw her. “Princess, why are you here?”

“Where is Feng Qingtian?” Gu Bailu asked straightforwardly.

For some reason, she felt excited, as if she was about to catch her husband cheating on her.

Qin Shou tried to smile. “Princess, the lord is occupied; he’ll certainly explain it to you later. You should go back now.”

“I’m already here. Why are you sending me away? Bring him out.”

Gu Bailu sat down on a bench.

Since Qin Shou was here, Feng Qingtian was definitely here. She tried to look around with her Heavenly Eye.

Her sight wasn’t very good because the moon was blocked, but she could still vaguely see two people sitting in a stone room behind a wall.

Without thinking, she rose and cast a rune at the wall. “Explode!”