Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 390 - You Have a Talen  


Four hours passed as Feng Qingtian read all the stone walls.

In the meantime, Gu Bailu learned something about this empire, which was founded in primeval times when human beings were still divided into different tribes. At that time, a monarch emerged and established the empire.

Human beings didn’t have spiritual power back then, and the monarch relied purely on his wisdom.

However, the emperor abandoned everything, including his favorite priestess, and disappeared one day.

On the night he disappeared, the empire sank and was buried at the bottom of the ocean.

Nobody knew where the emperor went.

The red-haired specter was unwilling to give up. She foresaw in a prophecy that he would reappear ten thousand years later.

So, she had been waiting here ever since, just to ask him if he had ever loved her.

Gu Bailu had a lot of mixed feelings about the ghost’s doggedness when she returned to the boat. Ten thousand years was a long time, even for ghosts.

She couldn’t imagine what it felt like to wait even a hundred years.

Gu Bailu told Feng Qingtian the female specter’s story, and Feng Qingtian simply smiled. “Not just ten thousand years, I can wait ten million years.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “You’ve been waiting for your former lover, except that you shifted your love to me halfway.”

“You’re being silly again. What do you want to eat, if not fish?” Feng Qingtian changed the topic.

Gu Bailu touched her belly. She was truly hungry after all that activity in the morning.

“I’ll see what ingredients we have.”

Gu Bailu was quite happy at being able to obtain the flower that could help her grow a spirit root, so she decided to cut him some slack.

When she was stronger, she wouldn’t need to rely on anyone.

Feng Qingtian stopped her and said, “I said that I would cook for you today.”

“But I’m scared that what you make won’t be edible.” Gu Bailu would rather not cook, but she knew that Feng Qingtian had never been in a kitchen before.

“You can teach me.” Feng Qingtian hugged her from behind and hustled her toward the kitchen. Seeing that he was in high spirits, Gu Bailu decided to teach the great Prince Zi how to cook.

She saw a few carrots, cassavas and potatoes in a basket, as well as some tofu and meat in the freezer.

Knowing that Feng Qingtian probably didn’t know what the ingredients of most food looked like, Gu Bailu decided to teach him the simplest dishes.

She took out a carrot, some vegetables and some tofu.

Then, she fetched some noodles.

“I’ll teach you how to make noodles… That’s the simplest.”

Although Feng Qingtian had never been in a kitchen, he was truly smart and did everything that Gu Bailu instructed. Eventually, what he made was quite delicious.

“You have the talent to be a great chef.”

Feng Qingtian patted her and said, “It’s time to eat.”

He too found the noodles quite delicious, but he knew that it was because of his teacher’s good guidance.