Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 389 - Red-Haired Specter  

Feng Qingtian plucked the flower.

Gu Bailu shouted nervously, “Is it really okay to just pluck it? What if it dies?”

“Don’t worry, it’s very sturdy. We can keep it in water later, and that water will be able to cure all kinds of diseases and even enable you to grow a spirit root.”

Gu Bailu was elated. “Really? It can help me grow a spirit root?”

“That’s not a problem for the flower at all.” Feng Qingtian gave her the flower and said, “Let’s go up. It’s cold down here. It’s bad for your health.”

Gu Bailu was about to go, when she sensed an unusual fluctuation. “There’s a ghost here.”

She turned around and surveyed the place with her Heavenly Eye, only to see a red-haired specter hiding behind a pillar.

“Come out. There’s no point in hiding anymore, red-haired specter behind the third pillar!” Gu Bailu roared and threw out her Soul Collecting Bracelet, which glowed and turned into a bag.

The red-haired specter shrieked regretfully, “Why would anyone come for me when I’m hiding in the ocean? No… Don’t exorcise me. I’m waiting for someone.”

“Who are you waiting for? You’re already a ghost. You shouldn’t wait,” Gu Bailu said ruthlessly, and the red-haired specter was immediately sucked into the bag.

“I’m really waiting for someone. He’ll be here in ten thousand years. I have to wait.”

Gu Bailu sweated hard. Ten thousand years seemed too long a wait.

“You look too grotesque for anyone to recognize you. You better reincarnate into a human; he can still find you then if he wants to.”

“No… I’ve already waited more than 9,900 years. He’ll be here very soon. Please don’t take me away.”

Gu Bailu scratched her head. Was she going to make a deal with a ghost again?

If the ghost had indeed waited for 9,900 years, wouldn’t it be too ruthless if she prevented this meeting?

“Who are you waiting for?”

“The emperor of this empire.”

“Why are you waiting for him?”

“To ask him if he ever loved me.”

“You’ve waited for so many years just to ask him that?”

“It’s a thought that I can’t let go of. Please. This empire once ruled the whole world, and it has a lot of military strategies. Isn’t your husband a general? Those strategies will be useful to him.”

Gu Bailu looked at Feng Qingtian, and Feng Qingtian raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“I just caught a red-haired specter. She says that there’s a lot of military strategies in this place. Do you want them?”

“Let’s take a look.”

Gu Bailu set the red-haired specter free.

The specter led them into a dilapidated house which nevertheless still had words in a weird ancient language on the walls.

“This is it. If you don’t understand it, I can translate it for you.”

Gu Bailu asked Feng Qingtian if he could read the writing, and Feng Qingtian simply nodded.

Feng Qingtian focused his attention on the walls, while Gu Bailu found the writing too puzzling for her to understand.

She chatted with the red-haired specter. “Who were you?”

“I was the priestess of this empire.”

“You foresaw that the emperor would be here ten thousand years later?”

“Yes, it’s going to be very soon. Don’t take me away.”