Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 387 - Underwater Palace  

Gu Bailu shook her head and looked at the shark. “You think you can force us to release your child by doing this? My husband can easily sink you with one punch.”

The shark looked at her savagely. “I have to save my son even at the cost of death.”

“You don’t have to die. You can negotiate with me.” Gu Bailu grinned.

“Negotiate… negotiate what?” The shark was stunned, not expecting to hear that.

“We can let go of your children, but you have to give us something in return. Doesn’t that sound fair?”

The other fish all circled the shark. They usually regarded the shark as their greatest enemy, but they were all counting on it now.

“I know a place that you’ll be interested in. I can lead you there,” said a beautiful blue hairtail, which glimmered dazzlingly.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Okay.”

She turned to Feng Qingtian. “It seems that we can’t have fish today. I’ll make something else for you.”

Feng Qingtian kissed her and asked, “Do you dare eat any sort of meat again?”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “We’ll see. After all, I won’t be the one killing the animals.”

She didn’t think that she could completely stop eating meat. Besides, even if she could, there was still Ah Luo, who would go crazy without meat.

“Silly girl.” Feng Qingtian kissed her again, reluctant to let her go.

He turned around and threw the fish on the deck back into the ocean.

Gu Bailu sighed at the various family reunions happening in the ocean, and wondered why people said that fish only had memories as long as seven seconds.

They obviously remembered their children and their promise.

The blue hairtail led the way, and Feng Qingtian sailed the boat under Gu Bailu’s direction.

Soon, the blue hairtail stopped and said, “It’s right down below, but you need to take it yourself, because it’s too heavy for us.”

“There’s treasure down below. I’ll take a look. I’m good at swimming.”

Gu Bailu struggled to get out of Feng Qingtian’s arms, but Feng Qingtian simply took her into the cabin. “Just stay in bed. I’ll take a look.”

“You can’t swim, right?” Gu Bailu teased him.

“I can’t, but I can make the water disappear.” Feng Qingtian pinched her cheek and left.

“Just follow the blue hairtail.”

Gu Bailu then put on a simple outfit. Since it was early winter, the ocean was actually quite cold, which was why Feng Qingtian didn’t let her go down.

However, she certainly wouldn’t miss the chance to watch.

With her advanced skills, she could see places far away. It was very convenient.

When Gu Bailu put on her clothes and ran to the deck, Feng Qingtian was hovering in the air. His hands unleashed overwhelming power, and the ocean was slashed in half.

Feng Qingtian turned out to be strong enough to change nature.

Gu Bailu wanted to be as strong as that someday.

After the ocean parted, an enormous palace at the bottom of the ocean was revealed. It was surrounded by glittering sand, which gave it a magnificent appearance.