Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 375 - It’s Really You

“It’s really you,” said Feng Qingtian coldly.

Gu Yunjing was the only man who knew all his moves and who wasn’t scared of him at all.

Gu Yunjing stood up and said, “I’m taking her with me.”

Gu Bailu looked at Gu Yunjing in surprise. The man who claimed to love her was risking his life to save another woman.

He had been missing when Gu Bailu was married off to someone else.

She thought that he would never appear again, but he had come for Nan Ningxin.

Did he love Nan Ningxin?

Or was he the boss behind Nan Ningxin?

She remembered the Night Lotus’s confession that those two met a lot. But even so, she couldn’t believe that Gu Yunjing was the ultimate boss.

Then, did he love Nan Ningxin?

Probably not. If he loved Nan Ningxin, he wouldn’t have told her to approach Prince Zi.

Then exactly what was he up to?

“Why are you taking her away? Don’t you know what she is?” asked Gu Bailu in confusion.

“She has something that’s useful to me.” Gu Yunjing looked at Gu Bailu. “So I have to take her away.”

Gu Bailu looked at Feng Qingtian. These two seemed to be in quite a strange relationship.

If Gu Yunjing insisted on taking her away, Feng Qingtian might not be able to do anything to him.

“Your good friend is going to take her away. What are you going to do?”

It was fine for Gu Bailu if Gu Yunjing wanted to take Nan Ningxin away. This was a chance for her to return the favor she owed him.

On the other hand, she somehow felt that Gu Yunjing was only doing this because he had to.

“Give me a reason.” Feng Qingtian pulled Gu Bailu into his arms.

He was mostly tolerant of Gu Yunjing, as long as he wasn’t trying to steal his woman.

After all, in his long and lonely life, this man had always been with him, and he didn’t want to kill the man unless he had to.

“I won’t do anything that will hurt Gu Bailu,” said Gu Yunjing sincerely and determinedly.

Nan Ningxin chuckled. “He was the one who asked me to marry you and bear you a child, Prince Zi. I couldn’t have approached you without his help, and you still believe him?”

Gu Yunjing wasn’t embarrassed at being exposed. He looked at Gu Bailu sincerely. “Like I said, I will never hurt you, and I’ll send her back after I get what I want.”

Avoiding his eyes, Gu Bailu looked at Feng Qingtian, who narrowed his own silently.

Gu Yunjing grabbed Nan Ningxin and flew a hundred meters in one step.

“We’re really letting her go?” Gu Bailu was uncertain, and wondered if Nan Ningxin would come back even after her face and spiritual power were destroyed.

“If you don’t want to, we can chase after them.” Feng Qingtian wanted to give Gu Bailu a chance to return the favor to Gu Yunjing.

“Forget it. I owe him this.”

Feng Qingtian smiled. “Then you don’t owe him anything now, and you shouldn’t talk to him again.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. “Is that why you let him go? There’s no friendship between you at all when you’ve known each other for so many years?”

Feng Qingtian said meaningfully, “Nothing matters at all, compared with you.”

“I hope you can say the same when your former lover shows up.” Gu Bailu pushed him away and walked to the carriage.