When Gu Bailu arrived, the two men were engaged in a devastating fight on the roof, and the entire space was filled with spiritual power.

Gu Bailu observed the battle and decided to wait until it became necessary for her to step in.

It was a chance for her to see exactly how strong Feng Qingtian was and how strong Nan Ningxin’s backup was, so that she would know how much stronger she needed to become to avenge her family.

“Gu Bailu, you fool, you think it’s a good thing that you saved the Murong family? You’ll only infuriate your enemy more, and your parents and your master will suffer for it. Hahahaha!”

Noticing Gu Bailu, Nan Ningxin shouted angrily. She wouldn’t let Gu Bailu enjoy her victory.

Gu Bailu had ruined Nan Ningxin’s mission and stolen her man; as long as Nan Ningxin was alive, she would have her revenge.

Gu Bailu clenched her fists. She didn’t know if what Nan Ningxin said was true.

The thing she was most afraid of was that her parents’ souls were still locked up.

There was also her master. Her master had definitely been imprisoned on Futu Island by the people behind Nan Ningxin. Her master didn’t tell her who they were only because she was too weak to deal with them.

But that only made her even more curious. Was she not even qualified to know who her enemy was?

She was now no longer a weakling like before.

As if to prove that, Gu Bailu took out a rune and drew something her master taught her, before she dashed to Feng Qingtian with a teleportation rune. “I think we should cooperate.”

Feng Qingtian was sweating, as his opponent was exceptionally strong.

“Go away. You’ll get hurt.” This expert was too tricky for Gu Bailu, who had no spiritual power.

“I can enhance you. Haven’t you always wanted to fight with me?” Gu Bailu winked at him.

Feng Qingtian sighed. “Just be careful.”

Gu Bailu smiled and held the enhancement rune between her fingers before she chanted, “In tranquility, I hereby pray to the stars and establish a contract with the soul!”

The enhancement rune glittered and flew toward Feng Qingtian, sticking to his back.

Feng Qingtian felt enormous power flood into his body. Immediately, he found his enemy a lot weaker.

He hurriedly increased his strength, forcing the enemy to take a step back.

Gu Bailu sensed the change in Feng Qingtian as well. She quickly chanted and doubled the power of the enhancement rune.

Feng Qingtian withdrew his spiritual power. When the enemy attacked again, he unleashed purple light that consumed the enemy’s spiritual power. The man in black vomited blood and almost fell from the roof.

Nan Ningxin looked at him in surprise. “You’re beaten up so badly? I thought you were evenly matched.”

The man in black grabbed her and was about to escape in another direction.

“He’s going to run. Stop him!”

Feng Qingtian’s sword immediately flew toward the man in black and hovered in front of his chest, threatening to kill him if he made another move.

Shuddering, the man in black landed on the ground.

Feng Qingtian unleashed his power, and the man’s mask was torn apart to reveal a stunning face.