Gu Bailu rushed out so quickly that even Feng Qingtian was left behind.

It might be dangerous, but Gu Bailu was scared that the man would run away. She landed in the courtyard in the Murong house with a teleportation rune.

She had fought many experts in this place before, so she was quite familiar with the layout.

Nan Ningxin, who had lost her spiritual power, had been tied to a pillar in the courtyard.

From her high vantage point, she could see that Gu Bailu had rushed over at an astonishing speed. She resented Gu Bailu even more for the progress that the latter had made.

No wonder her tricks were seen through. It was because Gu Bailu had opened her Heavenly Eye.

How could an idiot like that open her Heavenly Eye?

“Someone’s coming. If you want to save me, be quick,” Nan Ningxin shouted at a person down below, who was fighting the Ye guards and the guards of the Murong family. He was tall and his face was covered except for his intimidating eyes.

His attack was quick and aggressive, and all the guards were knocked away with just one move.

He flew to the pillar and untied Nan Ningxin. Grabbing her, he roared at the sky, and the courtyard was enveloped in fire.

Gu Bailu hurriedly protected herself with a rune. “Block it.”

The fire hit her rune and forced her to take a few steps back.

Other people were less lucky, and were flung away.

Gu Bailu regained her balance and chased after the stranger.

The stranger was about to fly away with Nan Ningxin, when he was stopped by the house’s barrier.

However, it seemed that he had been prepared for this. Nan Ningxin didn’t prove to be a burden at all as he swooped nimbly through the sky and broke through the barrier.

But he ran into Feng Qingtian on a roof right after he left the house.

“You think you can go?” Feng Qingtian said confidently as he summoned his sword.

“Prince Zi, have you really forgotten everything of our past?” Nan Ningxin said first.

Feng Qingtian said mockingly, “There was nothing between us in the past.”

Nan Ningxin said painfully, “You’ve abandoned your former lover after falling in love with that garbage. Men truly are heartless.”

“I would rather not have you even if you were my former lover.”

Feng Qingtian pointed his sword at the man in black. “You can’t leave.”

He was already unleashing his spiritual power as he spoke, and the surrounding bricks crashed over the man in black like an overwhelming tsunami dragging him and Nan Ningxin into the bottom of an ocean.

Frowning, the man in black threw Nan Ningxin to the ground, and with a wave of his hand, raised a strong wind that collided with the bricks and stopped them.

Feng Qingtian wiped his sword. “It’s been a long time since my sword tasted blood. You’ll enjoy it today.”

While controlling the bricks, he slashed at the man’s chest.

The man seemed to have anticipated it. Bringing his fist up before his chest, an invisible sword aura immediately blocked Feng Qingtian’s sword.