Nan Ningxin slowly woke up. “Gu Bailu! I’ll kill you even if I turn into a ghost! You’re just a piece of garbage! I could kill you before, and I can still kill you here and now. Just finish me if you think you can!”

Gu Bailu glanced at her and said, “Death will be too easy for you. Your master will definitely come for you after your failure. Imagine what he will do to you now that you’ve lost your spiritual power and your looks.”

Nan Ningxin trembled, for what Gu Bailu said was exactly what she was afraid of.

That devil would definitely make her life miserable. It was even possible that she would never see the sun again.

“No, I don’t want to go back…” she mumbled, but Gu Bailu wouldn’t listen to her at all, and simply left with Feng Qingtian.

She took a deep breath and told the members of the Gu family that she had avenged them in part.

Feng Qingtian hugged her and said, “Don’t be upset. You’ll avenge them as long as I’m with you.”

“Those people want the Sky Splitting Mirror. I won’t let them have it. But I don’t know where Nan Ningxin is hiding the spirit fruit.”

“Ask someone to search for it. If she hasn’t offered it up yet, it must still be in this house. She certainly wouldn’t dare to keep it elsewhere.”

“Yes, let’s go check on Lady Murong. I don’t think she can live much longer.”

Actually, she only wanted to take Murong Lanyi to see Lady Murong for the last time, because Murong Lanyi would probably never see her again after she was reincarnated.

Lady Murong wept in front of her husband, wondering if her granddaughter had turned out like this because of her bad parenting.

She felt guilty that the girl who had grown up in her house since she was seven had turned out so twisted.

“My lady, it’s not your fault. This Nan Ningxin is no longer your granddaughter. She was possessed by a disgusting soul.”

“What do you mean?” Lady Murong asked in confusion.

“Her soul was replaced. Someone planned to obtain the Murong family through her.”

Lady Murong was even more depressed. “So, Ningxin was gone a long time ago, and I didn’t notice at all as her grandmother…”

Gu Bailu was slightly embarrassed. What she said seemed the opposite of comforting.

“She was pretending to be Nan Ningxin; it makes sense that you didn’t notice anything. The most important thing now is to uncover the man who is coveting the Murong family. My lady, you must pull yourself together. Lanyi is watching over you.”

Lady Murong said sadly, “She must blame me for caring too little about what happened to her before.”

Lanyi shed nonexistent tears in silence, before she shook her head and disappeared.

“She’s not gone, and she doesn’t blame you. She’s only trying to protect the Murong family.”

Gu Bailu hoped that what she said could lift Lady Murong’s spirits and encourage her to live longer.

They stayed in the Murong house for lunch, and nothing happened to Nan Ningxin.

Gu Bailu thought that she had miscalculated, and that whoever was behind Nan Ningxin had decided to abandon her.

Then, wouldn’t all her leads dry up?

Just as Gu Bailu was feeling worried, Qin Shou ran in, shouting, “Someone’s here to save Nan Ningxin. He’s very powerful…”