Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 371 - End of the White Lotus (6)

Chapter 371: End of the White Lotus (6)

“They’re imprisoned on the eighteenth level in the Nether World.”

“That’s impossible! My parents were kind souls their entire lives. They can’t be in hell.” Gu Bailu immediately denied it.

“They should’ve been sent to hell for the crimes they committed years ago, but they hid themselves for years. I was only serving justice,” said Nan Ningxin.

Gu Bailu was so angry that she tossed a rune at her face.

“I’m serving justice too.”

Nan Ningxin groaned in pain. “Brother, help me. This woman is crazy…”

Murong Huangtang stepped forward and said, “Princess, if her face is ruined, Lanyi won’t be able to identify her in the other world.”

Gu Bailu stopped and looked at Murong Lanyi, who was hovering in the air. “Will you still recognize her?”

Murong Lanyi snorted. “I’ll recognize her even if she turns into ashes.”

Gu Bailu scratched Nan Ningxin’s face again and again until it could no longer be recognized.

“Are you going to tell me who’s behind you or not?” Gu Bailu laid her hand on Nan Ningxin’s temples. Nan Ningxin’s face had been destroyed, and she couldn’t be allowed to keep her spiritual power either.

Nan Ningxin passed out in pain.

“Fetch salt.” Gu Bailu told Ye Ying.

Feng Qingtian couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He pulled her into his arms and said, “Anger is bad for your health. Just let the servants do it.”

He didn’t want her to do it in person.

In his arms, Gu Bailu looked at Nan Ningxin, who had stopped moving. She knew that the woman was just a pathetic pawn, and that she needed to find out who was behind her.

A bowl of salt was thrown onto Nan Ningxin’s face, and she woke up in pain and cried, “Gu Bailu, you’ll go to hell, you vicious woman!”

“Destroy her spiritual power,” Gu Bailu said in Feng Qingtian’s arms, “then string her up on a pillar of the Murong house and see if her accomplices will save her.”

Nan Ningxin shrieked, “No… I don’t want them to save me. Just kill me! Kill me!”

She had failed in her mission, and she would suffer intolerable torment if the devil took her back. She would rather die.

“So, why don’t you tell me who’s behind you?” Gu Bailu could tell how savage the man behind the curtain was, based on Nan Ningxin’s reactions.

“I can’t say anything, or I’ll be worse than dead.” Nan Ningxin gripped her head in fright.

Her face, full of bloody scratches, and her demeanor were most disgusting.

“You may live if you confess,” Gu Bailu said temptingly.

“No… no… I’ll certainly die if I say anything… They’ll find me… They’re more horrible than ghosts…” Nan Ningxin burst into laughter. “They’re too powerful. You pitiful folk will be killed by them sooner or later. Hahaha… I’m Princess Zi! I’m Princess Zi! Prince Zi, kill them for me. They’re only jealous of my beauty…”

Murong Huangtang frowned. “She’s probably crazy.”

Gu Bailu snorted. “Nan Ningxin is too stubborn to go insane that easily.”

Like a cockroach, Nan Ningxin had started to play dumb again.

Gu Bailu walked over and hit her head with a rune, and Nan Ningxin immediately collapsed and passed out.

“I’ve had enough of your acting. Now, string her up on a pillar and keep an eye on her 24-7.”