Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 370 - End of the White Lotus (5)

Chapter 370: End of the White Lotus (5)

At least for Gu Bailu, she felt pain and regret, and she couldn’t laugh so freely, no matter how great her life was.

“Yes, honey, I’ll take you elsewhere. Leave this little bastard to someone else.”

Naturally, Lord Murong could tell that his wife didn’t look well, which was understandable since he himself was almost vomitting blood in his fury.

It was hard to accept that the two future pillars of the Murong family had been lost on the same day.

Lady Murong glared at Nan Ningxin as Lord Murong took her away.

“Traitor! You shameless traitor! Has the Murong family ever wronged you? Why would you do this?”

Lady Murong left, and Nan Ningxin said pitifully, “Gu Bailu, why are you making my grandparents hate me so much?”

Gu Bailu kicked her in the face. “You’re a good actress, aren’t you? Keep it up and show your pitiful face to everyone.”

Nan Ningxin’s cheek was swollen, and blood dripped from her lips.

She looked at Murong Huangtang and begged, “Brother, you don’t trust me either? I really was set up! Gu Bailu’s doing this only because she’s scared that I’ll steal Prince Zi from her! I’m the reincarnation of Prince Zi’s lover from his previous life!”

Feng Qingtian said coldly, “I said that I would end you myself if you ever bring it up again.”

His coldness stabbed into Nan Ningxin’s heart like ice. She clutched her chest in pain. “Prince Zi, are you really so merciless to your lover…”

Gu Bailu’s fingers clenched tightly around Nan Ningxin’s neck, causing the latter’s face to turn pale. “Cough, cough, cough… Let go of me…”

“Nan Ningxin, I’ve never met anyone as shameless as you. Let me see how thick your face is.” Gu Bailu scratched her face with a fingernail, making it bleed.

“So, your face isn’t thick, but your heart is black. Speak! Who are you working for?” Gu Bailu shoved her down and stepped on her chest.

Nan Ningxin lay on the ground, her eyes half-closed as if she was dying. “Gu Bailu, setting me up won’t end well for you.”

“For the last time, who are you working for? I’ll kill you if you don’t confess right now.” Gu Bailu had grown tired of talking to this shameless woman.

Nan Ningxin chuckled. “If you kill me, the souls of your parents will be whipped, burned and tormented every day, and you’ll never see them again.”

Clenching her fists, Gu Bailu stomped on her chest.

Nan Ningxin vomited a mouthful of blood.

“You’re talking as if they won’t be tortured anyway if I leave you alive. At the very least, their minds would be comforted by knowledge of your death.”

Gu Bailu drew a rune on her chest. “Life Stealing!”

She had barely thrown out the rune, when Nan Ningxin shouted, “Wait! I’ll tell you where your parents’ souls are kept.”

Gu Bailu grabbed the rune and looked at her as if she were an ant. “So you’re scared of death after all, Nan Ningxin. Spit it out.”

Nan Ningxin’s gaze was as vicious as a viper’s. “Gu Bailu, what can a useless person like you do? Even if I tell you, do you have the courage to rescue them?”

Gu Bailu kicked her again. “Get to the point. I’ll cripple you if you waste any more of my time.”