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“Your home isn’t safe, my lady.” Ah Luo shook her head.

“Don’t be scared. It’s my home. Who can stop me from going back to my own place?” Gu Bailu said firmly.

She had lost her home in her previous life, and she would take it back in her new life, no matter what it took.

They returned to the street where the general’s house was located.

“My lady, many experts are around here.”

“That’s to be expected. This is my nest. They must be watching it.”

Gu Bailu took out the teleportation rune. Hehe. Who could possibly stop her?

She reached the back door. By her calculations, she would teleport right into her bedroom.

She threw out the rune and stepped through with Ah Luo. Then, she was stunned. “Where the heck am I?”

She found herself in a pavilion that was in the middle of a lake. Ivory gauze curtains fluttered in the breeze.

“My lady, I don’t think this is the general’s house.”

Gu Bailu was embarrassed. “It has to be an anomaly.”

Teleportation could be used as a means of escape, but not so much for an exact location.

“Who’s disturbing Shao Di’s rest?”

A girl in a pink dress appeared with a sword that emitted orange light.

Orange light suggested that she was at least a Master. What was this place?

“Excuse me. I’m just passing by. I’ll leave immediately.” Gu Bailu smiled.

“Passing by? You’re passing by the Imperial Residence? Where are you from?” the girl yelled.

“Well, long story short, somebody was after us, and we escaped to this place. We really didn’t mean to trespass. We’ll leave now.”

It just wasn’t her day today.

The owner of this place would undoubtedly also be a tricky one.

Gu Bailu was about to leave with Ah Luo, when more girls showed up and surrounded them.

“Check if they’ve stolen anything. Also, since they saw Shao Di, dig their eyeballs out.”

“Wait, who saw your Shao Di?”

Was there anybody here besides the girls in pink?

“My lady, there’s a guy over there.”


Gu Bailu turned her head, only to discover a man in a pink robe sitting on a cushion eight meters away. She didn’t recognize the fabric, but it did add to his extraordinariness.

His black, glittering hair fell around him. Half of his shoulder was revealed by the loose robe, and his skin was as fair as snow.

He was playing chess with his head lowered. The half of his face that wasn’t covered by his hair was flawless.

The fingers that were holding the chess piece were long and smooth.

He was playing chess with himself, utterly unaffected by the intruder.

How embarrassing was that? There really was somebody.

“Well, I do see a guy over there, but he’s far away and his head is lowered. I can’t see his face.”

As Gu Bailu spoke, she took out a rune, planning to run first.

Her instincts told her that the man was definitely tricky, and probably even more petty than Feng Qingtian.

Hardly had Gu Bailu taken out the rune when the girls attacked them. Ah Luo intended to fight back, only to discover that she couldn’t use her spiritual power.

1“My lady, I’m out of spiritual power!”

Am I destined to die today?