Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 369 - End of the White Lotus (4)

Chapter 369: End of the White Lotus (4)

Nan Ningxin seemed at a loss. “Grandfather, what are you talking about? I was only comforting grandmother because she was very sad, when you suddenly rushed in. What’s this about?”

Lord Murong felt like slapping her. “Nan Ningxin, everybody in this family cares for you, but I didn’t think that at the end of the day, you would actually try to murder your grandmother. What a monster!”

Lord Murong stepped forward, and Nan Ningxin hurriedly retreated. “Grandfather, why on earth would I murder my grandmother?”

“Then who put poison in the tea?” asked Murong Huangtang furiously.

Nan Ningxin shook her head helplessly. “I don’t know. I didn’t make the tea. Why are all of you suspicious of me? Did you all listen to her?”

Nan Ningxin raised her head and looked hatefully at Gu Bailu. Why was this woman here?

It almost seemed like the woman knew that she would try to kill Lady Murong.

“Nan Ningxin, it’s obvious what the truth is. I didn’t know that you could be so shameless. I really shouldn’t have been so nice to you.” Murong Huangtang castigated her.

If he had listened to Gu Bailu sooner, his grandmother’s life wouldn’t have been in danger.

He regretted taking care of Nan Ningxin like an older brother.

Nan Ningxin chuckled. “You, nice to me? Brother Huangtang, why were you nice to me? If I didn’t turn you down so many times, I would have become one of your lovers. Do you really care for me? You believe everything that Princess Zi tells you, when you’ve known me for years. You believe her, when she’s only setting me up!”

Gu Bailu stared at Nan Ningxin. The derision on her face was absolutely authentic, making her look like someone who had been wronged greatly.

“Nan Ningxin, everybody saw what you did just now. I set you up? Do you think I can control your actions?”

Nan Ningxin glared at her angrily. “What did I do? I only gave grandmother a cup of tea and told her not to be too sad…”

Lady Murong suddenly came back to herself. “You told me to go with Lanyi so that she wouldn’t be lonely in the underworld! How nice of you! You should keep her company yourself!”

Lady Murong flushed with fury, and Gu Bailu frowned as she looked at the woman’s blue aura.

She felt that Lady Murong might not live much longer.

Murong Lanyi’s death and Nan Ningxin’s betrayal had severely affected her health.

“My lady, you’re still ill. You should get some rest,” Gu Bailu persuaded her.

At that moment, she didn’t know whether it was a good or bad thing that Lady Murong had exposed Nan Ningxin like this.

It was in fact devastating for the Murong family, who had always cared for Nan Ningxin.

Years ago, Gu Bailu and her parents didn’t believe that Nan Ningxin, whom they had protected for years, could be such a treacherous woman, which was why they defended her and refused to trust Gu Bailu’s master.

People tended to run away from cruel truths instead of confronting them.

Perhaps, it had been a relief for her parents that they died the moment they learned the truth.