Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 368 - End of the White Lotus (3)

Chapter 368: End of the White Lotus (3)

No wonder Murong Huangtang claimed that he had heard Murong Lanyi’s voice when he questioned Nan Ningxin last time.

If Gu Bailu used the same trick and the old woman heard Murong Lanyi’s soul speak, Nan Ningxin would probably really be cut into pieces.

“Who could be so ruthless? Lanyi was gentle and lovely and had no enemies…” Nan Ningxin wept as she spoke, as if it was too painful to bear.

Lady Murong couldn’t hold back any longer and shed tears.

Nan Ningxin patted her back and said, “Grandmother, for your health, please don’t be too emotional. The Murong family needs you. Lanyi certainly wouldn’t want you to hurt because of her…”

Lady Murong’s tears gradually stopped. “How could that child be so unlucky? She was so accomplished. Ah… ah… Ningxin, I can’t breathe…”

While patting her back, Nan Ningxin covered Lady Murong’s mouth with a handkerchief. “Grandmother, I’ll help you. You must be grieving too much.”

Lady Murong looked at her in disbelief. “I… I can’t breathe… Take… Take it away…”

“Grandmother, since you love Lanyi so much, you should go with her. She’ll keep you company in the other world. Don’t haunt us as ghosts, or more people will be killed. It’s all Lanyi’s fault. She should’ve reincarnated instead of lingering in our world… If she hadn’t exposed me, I wouldn’t need to do this to you at all, grandmother…”

Nan Ningxin wept sadly as she spoke, as if she couldn’t bear it.

Her eyes rolling up, Lady Murong looked at Nan Ningxin, who was obviously being a hypocrite, and realized that she had been manipulated all this time.

The Murong family would probably be destroyed because of her…

At that moment, a strong slice of wind slashed Nan Ningxin across the back from outside, forcing her to drop the handkerchief with which she was suffocating Lady Murong.

Gu Bailu ran in to help Lady Murong. “My lady, hang in there. You must survive to see what will happen to this wolf.”

She hurriedly pinched Lady Murong and kept her conscious until the royal doctor arrived.

“The lady has been poisoned. The poison is making it impossible for her to breathe, and will make it look like she died of a heart attack later.

“Save her…” Gu Bailu said quickly.

The royal doctor took out a pill. “Don’t worry, we got here in time. This poison isn’t too strong. Everything will be fine.”

Nan Ningxin had been thrown to the floor. Her head lolled on her sleeve, as if she had passed out.

Gu Bailu walked over to her and kicked her in the head. “I know you’re still conscious. If you don’t get up, I’ll pour boiling water on you.”

Nan Ningxin cried out in pain and pushed her foot away. “What… What are you doing?”

Looking at Gu Bailu and the strangers in panic, she seemed to remember Lady Murong, and hurriedly crawled toward her. “Are you alright, grandmother? She couldn’t breathe when she was feeling too sad earlier, and I was helping her when you broke in and interrupted me. What do you want?”

Lady Murong’s husband hugged her and said furiously, “Ningxin, we all heard what you said and saw what you did, and you’re still trying to deny it?”