Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 367 - End of the White Lotus (2)

Chapter 367: End of the White Lotus (2)

But on second thought, it didn’t make sense. If Lanyi wanted the spirit fruit, she could’ve used it a long time ago instead of taking it with her after she eloped.

Considering that Nan Ningxin had appeared in two places on the same day, Lady Murong suspected that the person who said goodbye to Murong Huangtang wasn’t Lanyi, but someone else.

It would be horrifying if Nan Ningxin could create a mirror image of someone.

“I did go out with my cousin that day. He was interested in a girl from the Bai family and asked me to go with him. We hung out at the Bai house until dusk. I played chess with Miss Bai the entire afternoon. I still remember every move I made. If you don’t believe me, grandmother, you can ask Miss Bai to come here and replay the game with me.”

Lady Murong hesitated again when she saw how confident Nan Ningxin was. Was the eyewitness mistaken?

Had it been someone else pretending to be Nan Ningxin, who took Lanyi into the woods?

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but the National Counselor happened to be collecting herbs when he saw you and Lanyi enter the woods.” Lady Murong sighed.

She had asked someone to investigate the woods that Gu Bailu mentioned. There was nothing left of Lanyi’s body but bones, but that had been enough to confirm her identity.

Lanyi died so young. She had been so obedient, strong and diligent.

She had been the hope of the Murong family.

Lady Murong was determined to find her murderer.

“Grandmother, I can swear to god. Grandmother, don’t be deceived. Princess Zi has been hostile toward me ever since she met me, and I don’t know why.”

Kneeling before Lady Murong, Nan Ningxin cried, “How can I do the Murong family any wrong when everybody is so nice to me? My dream has always been to marry Prince Zi. Why would I want leadership of the Murong family?”

Lady Murong was convinced. It did make sense. Why would she try to seize control of the Murong family when she could become Princess Zi?

But on the other hand, how did Princess Zi know that Lanyi was dead?

Did she kill Lanyi?

Impossible… Princess Zi was too weak to sneak into the Murong house and trick Lanyi into going into the woods.

Nan Ningxin knew that Lady Murong was more or less convinced, but she also knew that Lady Murong wouldn’t hand the Murong family to her anymore after this incident.

So, she had still failed, and she was sure that the devil wouldn’t let go of her.

She rose and poured a cup of tea for Lady Murong. “Grandmother, have some tea. Forgive me for making you so angry.”

Lady Murong patted her hand and said, “I’m only sad for Lanyi. She was so young and had a promising future. I’ll cut her murderer into pieces!”

Nan Ningxin snorted. It seems that I can’t let you live anymore.

“Are you saying that it’s confirmed that Lanyi was murdered, grandmother?” asked Nan Ningxin sorrowfully.

“Her remains have been brought back.”

Nan Ningxin was surprised. How did they find Murong Lanyi’s body?

Had Gu Bailu really seen Murong Lanyi’s ghost?

Now that she thought about it, Gu Bailu had no spiritual power and was a soul collector, so it wouldn’t be unusual for her to encounter Murong Lanyi’s soul.