Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 366 - End of the White Lotus (1)

Chapter 366: End of the White Lotus (1)

“I can give you a baby, but you must promise me that the baby will go with me if anything happens,” said Gu Bailu quickly.

Feng Qingtian was angry. “You’re so eager to leave me?”

“I’m just considering all the possibilities.”

“That’s not one of them. You’ll always be with me.” Feng Qingtian fed her the soup. “Have the soup and stop fretting.”

“Whether it’s a possibility or not, you must promise me.” Gu Bailu wanted Feng Qingtian’s word.

“Alright, I give you my word. But I do hope that you take me with you, whatever happens in the future,” said Feng Qingtian sincerely while giving her the soup.

“I will, as long as you’re willing to come with me.”

Feng Qingtian patted her and said, “Time will prove everything.”

He knew that she felt insecure. He had to find a way to prove that she was the woman from his past.

After breakfast, Gu Bailu’s Soul Collecting Bracelet suddenly glowed, which was Murong Lanyi’s signal that something was going on in the Murong family.

“Let’s go to the Murong family.”

Lady Murong summoned Nan Ningxin to the hall and looked at her coldly. “Nan Ningxin, I’ve always cherished you since you came here when you were seven. How could you do this to me?”

Nan Ningxin looked at Lady Murong in confusion. “Grandmother, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never done the Murong family any wrong. You must not be deceived by Princess Zi. She only said that because she was scared of competing with me for Prince Zi.”

Lady Murong smiled mockingly. “Where were you on the day of Lanyi’s disappearance?”

“Are you really suspicious of me, grandmother?” Nan Ningxin stepped back, as if she were hurt.

“I’m asking you, where were you when Lanyi went missing?” Lady Murong felt sorry for her, but she also knew that Nan Ningxin had to be punished if she had done something wrong, or it would be unfair to Lanyi, who was also her granddaughter.

“I went out with my cousin that day. You can ask my cousin, grandmother.”

Lady Murong looked at her sharply. “Then why did someone see you enter the woods with Lanyi, but leave on your own?”

Stunned, Nan Ningxin looked at Lady Murong. “Grandmother, who told you that? How could I have been in the woods with Lanyi? Just ask my cousin.”

“Ningxin, I’ll give you one last chance. Where were you that day?”

Lady Murong wouldn’t be so aggressive if she didn’t have solid evidence.

That day, Nan Ningxin did leave with Murong Huangtang, but she also appeared in the woods at the same time, which was why Lady Murong was curious. How had she split herself in two?

Also, before Lanyi left, she said goodbye to Murong Huangtang and told him about her elopement.

However, Lanyi had also asked Murong Huangtang how to open the box with the spirit fruit in it, which didn’t make sense since Murong Huangtang had told her how when they were very young.

Given how smart Lanyi was, she wouldn’t have forgotten.

It hadn’t felt wrong at first. Lanyi had only appeared to be asking because she wasn’t sure if she had remembered wrong.