Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 364 - Another Awkward Level-Up

Chapter 364: Another Awkward Level-Up

The more she thought about it, the more bummed she felt.

That monster had gone for an audience at the palace in the morning with more vigor than ever, as if he had taken a spirit fruit, but she was sore and hurt like a dead dog.

“Ye Ying, don’t call the royal doctor for this anymore. It’s too humiliating.” Gu Bailu struggled to get dressed.

Nan Ningxin didn’t do anything after returning the previous day, but Gu Bailu was sure that she would take action in a day or two.

Gu Bailu wondered if Lady Murong had found anything after a night of investigation.

If she had, Nan Ningxin would have to take action sooner.

So, Gu Bailu had to get up today no matter what.

“Princess, the royal doctor said that you have to contain yourself,” said Ye Ying solemnly.

“Tell that to your lord.”

She was the one who suffered when he took his pleasure!

“I’ll talk to the lord. The doctor said to take this medication, princess. He said that you would feel better.”

Ye Ying presented a bowl of creepy-looking liquid to Gu Bailu, who simply drank it up to quench the uncomfortable soreness and pain.

How could Feng Qingtian ravage her so badly? She felt like crying.

“Why do I smell herbs?” Prince Zi detected the smell of the medication when he returned.

“It’s all because of you!” Gu Bailu was angry. “Don’t sleep with me ever again!”

Prince Zi was in a great mood after being satisfied last night. He hugged her and said, “Where should I sleep, then?”

“Wherever you want.” Gu Bailu tried to push him away, but Prince Zi simply held her more tightly. “Why are you so angry? Was I too harsh last night?”

“It hurts.” Gu Bailu snorted.

Feng Qingtian kissed her and put a pill in her mouth. “You’ll be fine after you take this. I got it from Concubine Xiao.”

Gu Bailu looked at him in surprise.

“His Majesty likes Concubine Xiao the most, so…”

“Doesn’t that mean that everybody in the royal palace knows that…”

Feng Qingtian said proudly, “Why shouldn’t they? Let’s go have breakfast.”

Gu Bailu was reinvigorated after taking the pill and eating breakfast.

She even felt that her eyes were clearer, and that she could hear the voices of the peddlers on the street outside Prince Zi’s house.

When she closed her eyes, she could imagine the countenance and the movements of the peddlers, as well as the items they were selling.

The picture was clear and vivid.

Gu Bailu opened her eyes. Had she leveled up again?

She turned to Feng Qingtian, but couldn’t sense his feelings at all.

But when she turned to the maid nearby, she could hear her thoughts clearly.

“The princess is really lucky. She’s getting prettier and prettier…

“I wonder why Brother Ye Si is asking for me tonight.

“If Brother Ye Si is interested in me, I can get married too.”

Gu Bailu waved at the maid. “Come here. Do you want to marry Ye Si?”

The maid blushed in embarrassment. How did the princess know what she had been thinking?

“Forgive me… I was wrong…” She knelt in fear.

Gu Bailu smiled at her. “Don’t be scared. You’re an honest girl. Go bring Ye Si here.”

The maid’s face turned red, regretting her silliness. She should’ve denied it instead of admitting it.