Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 363 - Go Talk to That Animal

Chapter 363: Go Talk to That Animal

“It doesn’t. You can bite more.”

He was very comfortable as it felt like being bitten by a cat.

Gu Bailu did start biting from his chest up to his neck and then his lips, until Feng Qingtian was breathing heavily as he pressed her down on the grass in the garden.

Under the clear, crisp moonlight, the two people melted together.

“We agreed that I would be on top.” Gu Bailu rose and sat on top of Feng Qingtian.

Gripping her bottom, Feng Qingtian settled her on his hips, before he whispered in a low voice, “Are we going to dual cultivate tonight?”

Gu Bailu giggled. “No. You’re only going to serve me tonight.”

“Do you know anything about being on top? Do you need me to teach you?” Feng Qingtian bit her lips.

He certainly enjoyed her initiative, but he was afraid that she would exhaust herself if she were on top.

“I can learn everything myself if you’re lewd and sexy enough.” Gu Bailu licked his handsome face.

With a smile, Feng Qingtian took off his robe and revealed his sexy muscles. He lay down, his long hair spreading over the grass, before he gave Gu Bailu a smoldering look. “Lulu, come and ravage me.”

His enchanting smile, his pretty face and his sexy body were all too appealing.

Gu Bailu tore open his inner robe and reached for his abs, which were so enthralling that she lowered her head to kiss them.

“Huh…” Feng Qingtian couldn’t help but moan, which made Gu Bailu even more excited, as if she had gone back to that night when she was drugged in the woods.

“Sir, can I borrow something from you?” Gu Bailu raised her head and looked at Feng Qingtian.

Feng Qingtian rubbed her face and asked, despite knowing the answer, “What exactly do you want to borrow?”

“Let me look for it. Where is it? Why can’t I find it? It seems that it’s too small…”

“Small?” Feng Qingtian asked in a low voice.

“If it isn’t small, then why can’t I find it?” Gu Bailu goaded him.

“Young lady, you can’t find it when you’re holding it right in your hand? It seems that you’ve become addled.” Feng Qingtian’s patience had run out, and he simply grabbed her and pushed into her.

“My lord, I would like to recite a poem.” Gu Bailu smiled cleverly above him.

“A poem right now? Focus.” Feng Qingtian didn’t stop moving. Whether he was on top or not, he knew that he was the one doing the hard work.

Gu Bailu chuckled. “But I really want to.”

Feng Qingtian rose and switched their positions as he pressed her down. “It seems that I’m not working hard enough.”

“…Spare me!”

After provoking Prince Zi, who was as ferocious as a tiger, Gu Bailu couldn’t even walk back to her room after she was ravaged all the way to dawn.

The next day, when Ye Ying came to report updates on Nan Ningxin, she was so scared when she saw Gu Bailu collapsed on the bed as if she were dead that she called for a royal doctor.

“The princess is fine, albeit a little over-exhausted. You must restrain yourself…” said the doctor gravely.

That was awkward.

“Tell that to that monster!” Gu Bailu roared at the royal doctor, before kicking him out.