Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 361 - In the Name of Fairness

Chapter 361: In the Name of Fairness

The Sky Splitting Mirror had broken into five pieces. Only those involved in the battle could’ve found them. Why did the Gu family have a piece?

Exactly who were Gu Bailu’s parents and teacher?

“Well, my parents and my master guarded the mirror, but it was still stolen by Nan Ningxin in the end. That’s why I won’t let Nan Ningxin go, or allow her to ruin the Murong family with the same trick.”

If Nan Ningxin obtained the Murong family, she would be even more powerful, and it would be more difficult for Gu Bailu to get her revenge.

As for Gu Bailu’s master?

He was the strange guy who was imprisoned on Futu Island, and was probably the man who disappeared from the Gu family a hundred years ago.

When he disappeared, two guards – one man and one woman – disappeared with him.

There was a glint in Feng Qingtian’s eyes. Could Gu Bailu’s parents have been the guards?

What did they do after they went missing?

“Will you be able to paint portraits of your parents?” asked Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu nodded. “Of course. I remember their appearances clearly.”

“Draw them and I’ll ask around. I think I can find them as long as they haven’t been caught by the Nether World.”

Gu Bailu looked at him in delight. “You really can find them?”

“As long as they aren’t in the Nether World yet.” As a human being, he couldn’t step foot into that place.

Gu Bailu jumped into his arms. “Qingqing, you’re truly an omnipotent man.”

“That sounds so insincere. Do you truly love me when I’ve been so nice to you?” Feng Qingtian patted her bottom angrily.

Gu Bailu raised her head and looked at him solemnly. “Of course I’m sincere. It doesn’t matter who’s mean to you, I’ll definitely be on your side. I’m someone who understands gratitude.”

Feng Qingtian kissed her lips and asked in a low voice, “What about your feelings for me? Do you love me?”

Gu Bailu was taken aback. She could regard Feng Qingtian as a friend, and even as a friend with benefits, but she couldn’t give him her heart.

However, it seemed unfair for her to simply enjoy the privileges he afforded her without telling him the truth.

“What about you? Do you love me?” Gu Bailu asked in return.

“Not only do I love you, I can sacrifice my life for you.” Feng Qingtian bit her lips. He had never concealed his feelings for her ever since he realized them. This woman was asking the obvious.

Gu Bailu frowned a little at the pain. “Have you considered why you love me?”

“Because you have all the special qualities that I love.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “In other words, it’s because I’m very much like your former lover, the woman that you will remember to the end of your days.”

Feng Qingtian frowned slightly. “I guess you can say that.”

“Then, have you considered if you will still love her replacement when your former lover does show up someday? Or will you simply love both?”

Feng Qingtian covered her mouth. “As I said, I don’t have any former lover now. I only have you.”

“That’s right. You only have me, which is why you feel that I’m the one. But can you guarantee that you’ll still feel the same when your former lover shows up? A fake is just a fake, and a replacement is just a replacement. In a situation like this, I really can’t devote myself to you. I’m scared that I’ll be abandoned when the right person returns.”