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“There’s no convincing proof right now. Nan Ningxin grew up in the Murong family. She’s lovely and talented. Nobody would believe that she wants to destroy the Murong family.”

“You haunted her for a long time. You didn’t find any proof?”

“Yes, but she destroyed them very quickly.”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “I shouldn’t have made a deal with you at all!”

She was actually interested in meeting Nan Ningxin. Such a cunning person was much more interesting than Gu Wanqin.

“My lady, we’re blocked.” Ah Luo, who was eating the bubble fruits, suddenly turned around, her lips red.

Gu Bailu raised the curtain, only to discover a row of people dressed in black in their way.

They were rather intimidating in a row.

Gu Bailu waved her hands at them. “Hey, you have the same uniform and hairstyle. Very impressive.”

1“Go.” Naturally, the enemy didn’t respond to her remark.

“Don’t. I can’t take on so many people at once. I know I’m pretty, but don’t be so horny.”

3Gu Bailu screamed and jumped out of the carriage, avoiding the first wave of attack.

The carriage was shattered.

“How ruthless. There goes my BMW.”

5Gu Bailu remarked.

Ah Luo dragged her into a run. “My lady, they’re stronger than the people last time.”

Gu Bailu naturally sensed it, too. If the two of them had been hit just now, they would’ve been obliterated.

“Ah Luo, let’s play a game.”


Gu Bailu chuckled and took out a runic note. When the swords lunged at them, she tossed it up.

A mist appeared. She hurried to jump inside with Ah Luo.

In the blink of an eye, they were already behind the people in black.

“My lady, why are we here? It’s so much fun.”

“It’s a teleportation rune. Let’s go!”

She knew such trinkets the best.

She didn’t like her family background one bit, because it wasn’t awe-inspiring at all.

Thus, she had refused to learn the family skills. Her parents had no choice but to give her to her master. To pique her interest, her teacher had taught her a lot of interesting runes.

She often tricked her classmates with them in school.

How innocent and carefree her life was back then.

Gu Bailu felt awful when she thought that. The entire world had changed.

Ah Lu brought Gu Bailu to a mountaintop. Ah Luo had run out of spiritual power, so she meditated.

Gu Bailu sat underneath a pine tree. She missed her master and her parents.

Having died such worthless deaths, their souls had to be wandering about with regrets.

She was useless. She didn’t know where her nemeses were after she came to this world.

She wasn’t strong enough. If she had listened to her parents, the situation wouldn’t be so bad.

However, she knew that regrets were useless.

She couldn’t long for the carefree days when she had been protected. Everybody had to grow up.

“My lady, I’m good now. Where are we going to sleep tonight?”

Ah Luo jumped over and asked her the question.

“At my place.”