Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 359 - Seeing Off Murong Lanyi (1)

Chapter 359: Seeing Off Murong Lanyi (1)

The drama was already over, but the guests weren’t entirely satisfied.

Nevertheless, they had truly enjoyed themselves today. They never knew that the beautiful and powerful Nan Ningxin was actually a sl*t.

“Even Lady Murong doesn’t approve of her anymore. Something must be wrong with her.”

“I thought that she was elegant and pure… She hasn’t been clean for a long time.”

“She wants to become Princess Zi, and claims that she loves Prince Zi? How can she say that?”

“She really is a b*tch. Why else would she have that kind of wet dream?”

“It’s truly shameless of her to play at being so innocent.”

“Will anyone ever marry her again?”

“I will. She’s much prettier than a common prostitute…”

“What a shameless man…”

Gu Bailu went to the indoor garden where Xuan Yan was kept. The garden was full of trees and round pillars, which made it look like a tiny arena.

Gu Bailu remembered how she had almost been debauched by Xuan Yan last time.

She couldn’t help but snort.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Qingtian looked at her in confusion, wondering why she was upset again.

Gu Bailu snorted again and ignored him.

Looking at Xuan Yan, Feng Qingtian remembered something and said, “Qin Shou, take Xuan Yan away and keep it elsewhere.”

Huh… Qin Shou was stunned.

Xuan Yan wasn’t a common lion, but his lord’s mount on the battlefield. It was as fast as lightning and would automatically protect its master. Was his lord really sending it away?

“What are you waiting for?”

“Um, my lord, what did Xuan Yan do wrong?” Qin Shou felt that he should defend Xuan Yan as a loyal friend.

“It upset the princess. Can’t you see?” said Feng Qingtian matter-of-factly.

Gu Bailu said, “It was you who did something wrong, not the beast. Why are you blaming it?”

Xuan Yan roared to proclaim its innocence.

“Then I’ll work harder tonight as punishment.”

Gu Bailu glanced at him before ignoring him. She walked to a gold cage next to Xuan Yan, which had a polar bear inside. The cage wasn’t locked, and it could come out any time it wanted.

However, Chen Mu wasn’t comfortable in this strange environment, which was much hotter than Ice Mist Peak.

As a polar bear, it had been feeling listless all this time in this weather.

Its sole hobby was to play with Gu Bailu’s Soul Collecting Bracelet.

Gu Bailu stroked its fur and said, “Chen Mu, give me the Soul Collecting Bracelet. It’s for business.”

Chen Mu looked at her warily and hid the Soul Collecting Bracelet under its paw.

“I’ll give it back to you after I’m done.” Gu Bailu touched its head, feeling that it shouldn’t be kept here.

However, Yin Neng was unwilling to let go of the bear, which had always been with him when he was imprisoned on Ice Mist Peak.

“Chen Mu, the Soul Collecting Bracelet is hers. Give it to her.” Yin Neng spoke to Chen Mu, and finally, Chen Mu reluctantly moved its paw away. However, it still glared at Gu Bailu, as if accusing her of stealing its beloved toy.

Gu Bailu said, “I’ll tell Ah Luo to play with you later.”

Uninterested, Chen Mu put its head down on the ground.