Chapter 358: Suspicion

“Who knows what you’re up to? I’m only worried about my grandmother.”

“Okay… Ningxin, get out of the way. Exactly what do you want?” Lady Murong pushed Nan Ningxin aside and asked the question solemnly.

“Lady Murong, have you considered who will lead the Murong family if Murong Lanyi dies?” Gu Bailu said, “I’ll answer for you. It’s the person next to you. She and Murong Lanyi are the strongest descendants in the younger generation of the Murong family. If Murong Lanyi dies, Nan Ningxin will take control of the family someday.”

Lady Murong frowned. “So what?”

“So, she wants Murong Lanyi dead. That’s her motive. Haven’t you wondered why you never heard from Murong Lanyi after she went missing, or why she would elope with a nobody, abandoning her powerful family?”

Nan Ningxin was about to defend herself, when Gu Bailu continued, “I know that Lady Murong can’t be convinced so easily, so…”

Gu Bailu pulled Lady Murong to her and swiped her hand across the woman’s forehead. The environment instantly changed for Lady Murong.

She found herself standing on green grass amidst flying peach blossoms. The air was fresh and full of spiritual power.

“What is this place?” She looked at Gu Bailu.

“You’re in the world of my Heavenly Eye. I believe you should know what this is.” Gu Bailu pointed at the Night Lotus rolling around.

Lady Murong was surprised. “Night Lotus? Why is it here?”

Shouldn’t it be on Ningxin?

“I captured it. Night Lotus, tell Lady Murong everything you know.”

The Night Lotus rolled again and said in an unhappy, childish voice, “You hit me again!”

“How can I get you into my Heavenly Eye without hitting you? Just spit it out.” Gu Bailu wasn’t kind to it.

The Night Lotus said pitifully, “I only know that Nan Ningxin asked Murong Lanyi to go into the woods for training, and then Nan Ningxin came out alone. After that, nobody saw Murong Lanyi again. I don’t know anything else.”

“Okay, you can go now.” Gu Bailu waved her hand and released them from the Heavenly Eye.

Feng Qingtian had been keeping Nan Ningxin subdued with his spiritual power. Seeing that they were back, he let her go.

Opening her eyes, Nan Ningxin appeared confused. “What happened?”

“My lady, I’ll send the Murong family a bill for all the wedding costs as well as for the compensation due to Yin Neng for the damage to his honor. You can leave now.”

Gu Bailu then pulled Feng Qingtian away.

She didn’t want to see Nan Ningxin’s fake acting anymore. She had done everything she could.

Now, it was up to Lady Murong to believe Gu Bailu or not.

Lady Murong glanced at Nan Ningxin and focused on the Night Lotus on her chest.

The thousand-year-old artifact couldn’t be a liar.

“Grandmother, what’s wrong?” Nan Ningxin felt scared, as Lady Murong was looking at her differently, with wariness and distrust.

What happened just now?

Her head was blank, as if her mind had been under control.

“Let’s go back first and stop making a scene.” Lady Murong dragged her out of the house.

Nan Ningxin narrowed her eyes. Did this old woman learn something?

Maybe… she should take action sooner.