Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 357 - Don’t Hurt My Grandmother

Chapter 357: Don’t Hurt My Grandmother

Gu Bailu mentioned Murong Lanyi at this point because she knew that Lady Murong was now dissatisfied with Nan Ningxin.

When someone was dissatisfied, they tended to become suspicious.

Gu Bailu had previously told Lady Murong about Murong Lanyi. While nothing happened afterward, she was sure that Lady Murong remembered their conversation.

And now that Gu Bailu had brought it up again, Lady Murong would recall many other things.

Lady Murong frowned and did recall Gu Bailu’s claim that Nan Ningxin killed Murong Lanyi. She suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.

Few people in the Murong family knew about the loss of the spirit fruit, and Gu Bailu certainly wasn’t one of them.

So, only Lanyi could’ve told her that.

However… could Ningxin really have killed Lanyi?

“Grandmother, she’s lying. I’ve never seen any spirit fruit. How can I have it?” Nan Ningxin pretended to be bewildered.

Lady Murong was suspicious, but she wouldn’t condemn Nan Ningxin over a few words from Gu Bailu.

Besides, Gu Bailu had to resent Ningxin at this point, because Prince Zi used to like the latter, and every woman got jealous.

“Ningxin doesn’t know anything about the spirit fruit, so we can’t offer it to you,” Lady Murong said quickly.

Gu Bailu smiled. “It’s fine if you can’t present it now, but you can give it to me whenever you find it again. It’s really a shame that Nan Ningxin has the box but doesn’t know how to open it.”

Nan Ningxin was enraged. “Don’t insinuate. You only hate me and want to get rid of me because Prince Zi is nice to me…”

Gu Bailu sighed. “You still claim that I’m setting you up when it’s obvious what the truth is. It seems that we still have to clear this up. My lady, we better sort everything out.”

Lady Murong secretly glared at Nan Ningxin, who had increased the burden on the Murong family.

“I don’t have that much time…” Lady Murong subconsciously refused.

Gu Bailu signaled to Feng Qingtian, who threw a pillar of dazzling light at Lady Murong.

Neither Lady Murong nor the people from the Murong family saw it coming. Immediately, both Lady Murong and Nan Ningxin were enveloped in the light.

Feng Qingtian pulled Gu Bailu into the light, which shut out everybody else.

Gu Bailu stood on tiptoe and gave Feng Qingtian a kiss. “Qingqing, nice job.”

Feng Qingtian snorted. This ungrateful woman only remembered him when she needed him.

Lady Murong said coldly, “Prince Zi, what’s the meaning of this?”

Nan Ningxin stood before her and said, “Just come at me. Don’t hurt my grandmother.”

Gu Bailu laughed. “Miss Nan, stop acting. We have no grudge against Lady Murong, and we wouldn’t hurt her. Do you really think that Lady Murong can’t tell that you’re just acting?”

Lady Murong was already dissatisfied with Nan Ningxin in the first place. At Gu Bailu’s words, she became even more suspicious.

She had never thought that Prince Zi would hurt her, but Nan Ningxin seemed eager to point it out.