Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 356 - Necessary Compensation

Chapter 356: Necessary Compensation

Lady Murong stroked her back and said, “I don’t believe you would do such a thing either, and this farce has to end. Prince and Princess Zi, she might not be surnamed Murong, but we can’t give her up. I’m taking her back.”

Gu Bailu was unhappy. “My lady, she’s Yin Neng’s lawful wife, and you personally agreed to the proposal. How can you just take her back? Yin Neng can’t find another wife. He kindly covered up for the Murong family and even revealed his physical handicap, but he got nothing for it in the end…”

Lady Murong snorted. “She can divorce him even though they’re married.”

By saying that, Lady Murong was admitting that Nan Ningxin was indeed married to Yin Neng.

So, Gu Bailu was satisfied.

Her efforts hadn’t been in vain.

But Gu Bailu still wasn’t too happy. “My lady, look at this party. So many dishes were made by so many famous cooks to entertain the guests. Now, this house’s reputation will be affected if everybody in Pale Emperor City learns that the wife was taken back even before the end of the wedding.”

“Just tell me your terms.” Lady Murong didn’t intend to stay any longer.

Nan Ningxin was a pitiful but also embarrassing sight.

No decent lady should be as naked as she was right now in public.

Everybody could imagine what was underneath the blanket after the earlier episode.

Lady Murong was angry when she saw their lewd expressions.

“My lady, please don’t talk like that. We’re not threatening you or anything. Everybody has seen how much we paid for this wedding. Now that you’re taking her back, I think we’re due some compensation, right?”

Gu Bailu spoke matter-of-factly.

Lady Murong laughed in anger. “How much do you want?”

She just knew that this woman was greedy.

“My lady, you know that I don’t have a spirit root. However, I’m aware that there is a spirit fruit in the Murong family that can help a person develop a spirit root…”

Lady Murong sneered and said, “So, you’re doing all this for the spirit fruit, but it’s missing.”

In fact, everybody in the Murong family knew that Murong Lanyi had taken it with her when she eloped.

But Lady Murong couldn’t reveal that. She could only say that the fruit was missing.

“I know it’s missing,” Gu Bailu said, “and I know where it is now.”

Lady Murong was surprised. How did Gu Bailu know that the fruit was missing? She thought that Gu Bailu would accuse her of lying.

“How do you know where it is?”

“Murong Lanyi told me.” Gu Bailu looked at Nan Ningxin with a smile.

Nan Ningxin stared at her fiercely, regretting that she hadn’t killed this b*tch sooner.

Even though she wanted to tear Gu Bailu apart, she still looked as if she was shaking pitifully with fear in Lady Murong’s arms, as if Gu Bailu would eat her alive.

People tended to sympathize with the weak. The guests felt a little sorry over her misfortune.

“How did she tell you that?” Lady Murong pressed further.

“That you should ask Miss Nan, who has the spirit fruit right now.”