Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 355 - Visitors From the Murong Family

Chapter 355: Visitors From the Murong Family

Lady Murong came in with members of the Murong family, all of whom were clearly furious.

Gu Bailu frowned since the intruders had disrupted Nan Ningxin’s risque show.

“Grandmother…” Nan Ningxin looked at Lady Murong and jumped into her arms in tears. “Grandmother, I was set up…”

Lady Murong patted her back and looked at Feng Qingtian and Gu Bailu coldly. “Do you really think that you can take advantage of the Murong family with tricks?”

Gu Bailu was about to speak, but Feng Qingtian pulled her back because he didn’t want her to take their fury.

“My lady, you probably don’t know why we’re doing this since you just came. Qin Shou, explain it to the lady.”

Qin Shou hurried to explain that Yin Neng took the blame for the loss of Nan Ningxin’s virginity for the sake of the Murong family’s dignity, when she had lost it a long time ago.

Lady Murong snorted. “So you’re saying that you’re the good guys here? The descendants of the Murong family would never do such a thing.”

She naturally didn’t believe that Nan Ningxin, who had always been obedient and thoughtful, would do something so stupid.

As a young miss from the Murong family, she was loved by everyone. What man could she possibly have served?

It didn’t make any sense.

“My lady, we’re about to let her prove whether or not she has.”


A maid whispered something to her, and Lady Murong burst with fury. “You want her to prove it by doing that kind of thing? You really think that the Murong family is weak?”

“My lady, you can ask any royal doctor to examine Yin Neng’s body, and they’ll tell you that he can’t have sexual intercourse with Miss Murong. Prince Zi can’t, either. Both of them can be tested. If the Murong family is unwilling to let Miss Nan Ningxin prove herself, we can only conclude that Miss Nan lost her virginity a long time ago!”

Lady Murong aimed a slap at Qin Shou. “Nonsense. The girls in the Murong family would never do that.”

Having anticipated the movement, Qin Shou nimbly dodged the slap.

Gu Bailu reminded her, “Miss Nan’s surname is Nan. She’s not a real member of the Murong family.”

Lady Murong looked at her with hate, knowing that she had deliberately set up this trap to humiliate Nan Ningxin.

However, she was indeed reminded that Nan Ningxin wasn’t surnamed Murong, but Nan.

Though she cared for Nan Ningxin, Lady Murong couldn’t risk the Murong family’s reputation for her.

Prince and Princess Zi had done this so blatantly because they definitely knew Ningxin’s secrets.

Now that Princess Zi had given her an excuse, should she take it or not?

Nan Ningxin observed Lady Murong’s countenance nervously. She could tell that the old woman was about to abandon her for the family’s reputation.

“Grandmother, you raised me, and I would never do anything to embarrass you…” Nan Ningxin grabbed Lady Murong’s sleeve and said pitifully.

Separating her from the Murong family wouldn’t be that simple. Though her surname wasn’t Murong, she had grown up in the Murong family.

She had to get the Murong family to take her away first.