Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 354 - I’ll Prove My Innocence

Chapter 354: I’ll Prove My Innocence

“Why would we set you up? The Murong family is too powerful for us to piss off. Besides, we’ve all seen for ourselves that Yin Neng’s genitals are crippled.”

“This is Prince Zi’s house. Of course you’re defending him…” Nan Ningxin said in a low but audible voice.

“Are you done yet, Nan Ningxin? If you want to prove yourself, fine. Let’s just ask Yin Neng to try again in front of everyone. If you’re wronged, we’ll ask His Majesty to restore your reputation, and you can be the new Princess Zi.”

Gu Bailu really couldn’t tolerate Nan Ningxin’s shamelessness any longer.

“You…” Nan Ningxin sobbed silently, as if she were too intimidated to argue.

“Qin Shou, take off her clothes and let Yin Neng do it, so that everybody can see who’s right and who’s wrong. Miss Nan, if you insist that Yin Neng is a man, use your tricks to make him so. Don’t blame us for not giving you a chance.”

Gu Bailu didn’t think Nan Ningxin would give up the chance to turn things around. After all, all she needed to do was arouse Yin Neng.

Nan Ningxin clenched her fists. She too wondered why Yin Neng didn’t have any reaction at all in front of her now, when he had just violated her in the room.

Her situation wasn’t good. So many people had seen her naked, and if it was proven that she had lost her virginity before now, Lady Murong would definitely abandon her, and Nan Ningxin’s years of work would be for nothing.

“Nan Ningxin, enough talking. Just tell me if you’re up for it.”

Gu Bailu had had enough of mind games. She felt that scheming was really exhausting.

Nan Ningxin had been pushed into a corner. She would be despised by everyone if she refused.

But if she accepted, she would have a chance to seize the title of Princess Zi.

“I have to prove my innocence even at the cost of my life,” declared Nan Ningxin stubbornly, like a flower blooming proudly on top of a snowy mountain.

The long blanket hid her body. There was no embarrassment and only resolution on her face.

“Okay, go now, Yin Neng.” Gu Bailu backed away to Feng Qingtian’s side.

Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and frowned. He wasn’t in a good mood. “You’re putting your title of Princess Zi at stake.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “Hey, Qingqing is angry. Relax, the title’s mine. Besides, I can always cheat, can’t I?”

She winked at him.

She would rather not put the title out there either, but Nan Ningxin wouldn’t fall for Gu Bailu’s ruse without this bait.

Feng Qingtian still wasn’t happy. He clutched Gu Bailu’s hand silently.

He knew that the title meant nothing to Gu Bailu, and that he had yet to really enter the heart of this wary woman.

Yin Neng walked to Nan Ningxin, and she stepped back in fear. However, she gritted her teeth, and was about to embrace him, when someone shouted, “Wait, Nan Ningxin, what are you doing?”