Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 352 - Adding to Your Woes

Chapter 352: Adding to Your Woes

The guests at the party gathered and whispered as they looked at Nan Ningxin, who had collapsed entirely naked on the ground.

“She seems ripe for the taking. I wish I could jump her now.”

“What a shame that the hideous monster already had her. If only we had a chance to taste her.”

“Aren’t you only into virgins? Are you interested in a woman who’s no longer pure?”

“She’s too pretty. I think I can make an exception for her.”

The ladies all covered their eyes, unwilling to look at her. Someone remarked, “She could’ve married a good husband if she wasn’t always fantasizing about Prince Zi.”

“That’s right. She should’ve known that Prince Zi would never marry a tarnished woman.”

The oddity could’ve been easily picked out, but the Murong family had overlooked it because of their delusions.

It was obvious that Prince and Princess Zi had set the trap for Nan Ningxin together at the very beginning, which showed that Prince Zi had no sympathy for her.

Gu Bailu looked at Nan Ningxin and said coldly, “You know, I know, and Prince Zi knows what happened amongst the 9,999 Spring Harbingers the other day. You want to blame the loss of your virginity on my husband, and you really think you can marry him?”

Nan Ningxin looked at her with self-regret. “I’ll never let you go, b*tch!”

“You have never let me go, nor the hundreds of people you killed. My purpose is precisely to destroy you. Look at you. Isn’t it great to be exposed in front of so many people?”

Gu Bailu was talking right in front of Nan Ningxin in a low voice. No one else could hear them.

Nan Ningxin snorted. “So what? By the time I rise up, all they’ll remember is my radiance.”

“I have nothing to say about your shamelessness.”

Instead of talking to her anymore, Gu Bailu turned around to the guests. “You must be curious about what happened in the 9,999 Spring Harbingers. Actually, the flowers are hallucinogenic.

“That day, Miss Nan was drugged, and she had a wet dream. She made all the marks on her body herself. Yin Neng didn’t touch her at all, either. She lost her virginity to someone else long before that.

“She was well aware of that, but wanted to blame it on my husband. For the sake of our friendship with the Murong family, we claimed that Yin Neng did it with her, and had Yin Neng marry her. However, Miss Nan is still trying to sully my husband’s reputation.”

“Nonsense! It’s all a trick! You’re only scared that I’ll take Prince Zi from you!”

Nan Ningxin cried pitifully on the ground.

By the time Yin Neng arrived, the yard was already full of people. He silently went over to Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu glanced at him, and Yin Neng nodded. Gu Bailu finally smiled and said, “We can prove if it’s a trick or not. Qin Shou…”

Qin Shou stepped forward and said, “Yin Neng’s body is crippled after being frozen for a hundred years. He’s lost all his flesh and blood. He’s alive because of his spiritual power, but his spiritual power cannot give him a man’s capability. So, if the gentlemen here are interested, they can examine Yin Neng themselves and testify if he’s capable of claiming Miss Nan’s virginity.”

“Nonsense! It’s pure nonsense! That monster just violated me!” Nan Ningxin cried in fright.