Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 351 - Help Me, Prince Zi

“Just ignore him. Let’s go to bed.” Feng Qingtian embraced her and took her away from the hall.

Ye Huai sighed. “Too bad that nobody’s there to enjoy the drama.”

Since even he couldn’t go over, the other guests naturally didn’t dare dismiss Gu Bailu’s warning.

Some of the ladies said concernedly, “Will anything happen to Miss Murong?”

The bridegroom was too old and hideous for any woman, and Miss Murong would definitely be devastated…

“It’s impossible for us to go over. Even if we could, what else can we do? Let’s just ask our servants to inform the Murong family. That’ll be enough,” one of the ladies suggested.

“Hm, I guess you’re right.”

Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian had barely entered the yard when something charged at them.

“Prince Zi, please help Ningxin! Prince Zi, please help Ningxin…”

Seeing the woman who about to fly into his arms, Feng Qingtian frowned and slapped her away. “Where did this disgusting creature come from?”

Gu Bailu squinted at the woman, only to be shocked.

The woman who wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing was none other than Nan Ningxin.

What had gotten into her?

Did she think that Feng Qingtian wouldn’t slap her away if she approached him nude?

Or did she think that the whole thing was Gu Bailu’s ploy alone, and she could ask Feng Qingtian for help?

Did she really think that she was Feng Qingtian’s former lover to whom he owed a debt?

Gu Bailu couldn’t help but feel that Nan Ningxin had guts.

She could’ve fled elsewhere, but she chose the hall which was crowded with guests just to ask Feng Qingtian for help.

“Prince Zi, help me… It… It’s all her doing. She made the ugly old man violate me…” Nan Ningxin covered her breasts and looked at Feng Qingtian pitifully.

Gu Bailu suddenly felt that even if Nan Ningxin was pitiful, that didn’t make her any less hateful.

Gu Bailu said coldly, “It’s exactly Yin Neng that you’re supposed to marry. Consummating the marriage isn’t violating you.”

“It’s all your scheme! I’m supposed to marry Prince Zi… Prince Zi, you want to marry me, don’t you?”

Tears ran down Nan Ningxin’s pretty face. She had been picturing a happy life with Prince Zi while torturing Gu Bailu; what happened was outside her expectations!

“I was there to propose on someone else’s behalf. I already have a wife. Why would I marry anyone else?” said Feng Qingtian unemotionally.

He had felt guilty toward Nan Ningxin before, but now that he knew that she was only trying to impersonate his former love, the only thing he felt for her now was hate.

He never hesitated to strike down anyone who manipulated him.

“Prince Zi… No, Prince Zi, she’s fooled you. How can you do this to me… I’m your…”

“Don’t you mention anything about the previous life, or I’ll kill you myself.”

Stunned, Nan Ningxin looked at him in disbelief. What did he say? Had he learned something? No, that was impossible. She had been concealing herself so well all this time. Nobody could tell that she was an impostor.

It had to be Gu Bailu’s pillow talk that had deceived him.