Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 350 - You“re Running Away Naked?

Nan Ningxin shivered with cold, knowing that things weren’t looking good. She couldn’t defeat the disgusting man with spiritual power. With no time to think, she quickly drew a star and chanted, “Fight with the power of the sky!”

Yin Neng frowned. “I didn’t know that you also had this ability.”

Yin Neng knew that he couldn’t touch these runes, so he stopped to avoid the star and jumped behind Nan Ningxin.

Nan Ningxin took the chance to open the door and shout, “Help! Prince Zi, help!”

Her voice was particularly loud with her spiritual power.

Yin Neng spat in regret and gave chase, freezing everything around her with his power.

Nan Ningxin slipped and almost fell. Then, Yin Neng grabbed her hair.

“You’re running away naked?”

Yin Neng didn’t know what to say about this woman who was still hoping that Prince Zi would help her.

Would Prince Zi be interested in her at all, seeing that she had obviously done it with another man?

Nan Ningxin glared at him. “I’ll make your life hell if you don’t let go of me.”

“Hehe, don’t be so harsh. If you kneel and meekly beg for mercy, I might spare you.”

“You’re just Gu Bailu’s dog. You’ll spare me?” Nan Ningxin had a savage look on her face.

She swore that she would kill Gu Bailu!

“I’m only contracted to her, but if you satisfy me, you’ll be my wife, and we can negotiate between ourselves.”

Yin Neng pulled her into his arms.

Gritting her teeth, Nan Ningxin looked at the skinny hands on her waist and felt nauseated, more determined than ever to kill Gu Bailu!

“Who’s going to be your wife? Just look at yourself in a mirror!” Nan Ningxin spat at Yin Neng’s face, before she stuck a rune on Yin Neng and he disappeared with a teleportation rune.

The party was still going on in the hall when a shriek burst out. Gu Bailu rose and said, “Go see what’s going on. I know it’s their first night together, but they don’t want the whole world to hear them, do they?”

Soon, a servant reported, “Miss Nan is reluctant to consummate the marriage.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “I’m sure that Yin Neng can take care of her. Come on. Let’s continue the party.”

Gu Bailu was confident in Yin Neng.

“Princess, I think we better take a look. Miss Murong seems to be in a lot of pain. Let’s make sure that Yin Neng doesn’t accidentally kill her,” Ye Huai said maliciously as he got up.

Gu Bailu glared at him. “How can you watch that? Focus on your food.”

Feng Qingtian frowned and pulled Gu Bailu into his arms. “Who are you making eyes at?”

He didn’t like Gu Bailu looking at another man, not even Ye Huai.

Also, he clearly sensed that Ye Huai was helping Gu Bailu, and Gu Bailu seemed to like Ye Huai, which bugged him.

“Your good buddy. I certainly can’t let him peep on the newlywed couple.”

Even though Gu Bailu loathed Nan Ningxin, she wouldn’t let other people peep on her, despite her hate – she just didn’t want to turn into a horrible person.