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In Prince Zi’s house…

“My lord, people of Ronghua Tower are asking about the miss. How should I respond?” Qin Shou glanced at Feng Qingtian.

He had no idea what was on the lord’s mind.

If he wasn’t interested in Miss Gu at all, he wouldn’t have let her go again and again.

But if he was really interested, why would he let her go?

“They can do whatever they want.”

Qin Shou left. It meant that Feng Qingtian wouldn’t intervene.

Ronghua Tower was too powerful a place. It certainly hadn’t been a smart decision to challenge them.

The only woman that the lord could touch seemed rather unreliable.

Qin Shou was upset. Should he watch the lady be killed by Ronghua Tower?

“My lord, the miss said that she could cure your misogyny.”

Qin Shou still felt it was a pity after he replied to the people of Ronghua Tower.

The miss shouldn’t die, at least not until the lord was cured.

Looking at a map, Feng Qingtian said, “Don’t bother with her.”

“The miss showed some abilities when she dealt with Ronghua Tower.” Qin Shou didn’t give up.

He knew that the lord wasn’t interested in women, but the dual cultivation couldn’t be put off.

Feng Qingtian threw the map away and looked at him. “If Gu Bailu cannot get away from Ronghua Tower, why do you think I should believe in her?”

Qin Shou was confused. “I thought that you trusted her, my lord.”

“I have no interest in protecting a weakling. She has to be strong.”

3Without a spirit root, she couldn’t even train.

However, Qin Shou didn’t dare say anything.

Feng Qingtian stood up and asked casually, “Where is Gu Bailu now?”

“In the Woods of God’s Tears.”

“Alone?” Feng Qingtian frowned.

“With Mr. Murong.”

“Who?” Feng Qingtian’s face was covered in ice.

3“Murong Huangtang, the firstborn of the Murong family.”

Feng Qingtian smiled coldly. “Why is Murong Huangtang with her?”

“She kidnapped him.”

1Qin Shou was rather speechless after he received the report.

Murong Huangtang was very talented. However, it seemed that he had devoted too much time to playing around in recent years.

“She’s unruly.”

Qin Shou thought that there were few things she didn’t dare do since she had the courage to negotiate with the lord.

“Have Ye Hua meet me after he gets back.”


Qin Shou felt hurt. Ye Hua had been sent out today. Qin Shou had thought it was an important task.

Little did he know that his colleague had been sent to the miss!

My lord, is this really leaving her alone?

You even kept it a secret from me!

Qin Shou’s feelings were terribly hurt.

Ye Hua returned two hours later.

He reported everything that Murong Huangtang and Gu Bailu had done.

“Murong Huangtang believed her?” Feng Qingtian said expressionlessly but less coldly.

“In my opinion, not entirely.”

“Go on.”

“Then, Mr. Murong left. The miss and her maid picked fruits for a good hour and returned happily.”

Qin Shou thought that the lady truly regarded the Woods of God’s Tears as her garden.

Gu Bailu, who was returning in a carriage, wasn’t happy at all.

“Your brother didn’t seem to believe you.”

She thought that Nan Ningxin would be exposed after Murong Huangtang heard the facts, but Nan Ningxin appeared trustworthy.

“Nan Ningxin arranged everything perfectly. If I hadn’t lingered because of my regrets, I wouldn’t have uncovered her scheme at all.”

Gu Bailu frowned. “So… You don’t know her weakness at all?”