Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 349 - I“m Your Rightful Husband

She recalled that Prince Zi was laden with thick muscles.

Nan Ningxin shrieked, “Who are you?”

She tried to push Yin Neng away, only to find that her hands and feet were bound, making it impossible for her to struggle.

The man was moving quickly on top of her, and her body even felt pleasure.

No! Why would she sense pleasure from such a man? Right, the wine! The wine was drugged!

Yin Neng chuckled and said, “You’re asking me who I am when I’m inside you? I’m your husband, of course! Your reactions suggest that you’re experienced at this. So, stop playing innocent and let’s get this over with.”

“No! I’m marrying Prince Zi! This room is for me and Prince Zi! Get out of here! Where is Prince Zi?”

Nan Ningxin screamed, trying to attract attention.

“Prince Zi? Stop dreaming! Prince Zi is busy with Princess Zi. You’re thinking about another man when you’re under me? It seems that I’m not working hard enough.”

Yin Neng tied down her hands and legs and thrust into her again.

Nan Ningxin cried hysterically, “This is assault! The Murong family won’t let you go! Night Lotus, kill him!”

The Night Lotus flickered, but then turned dim again.

Nan Ningxin grew scared. “Night Lotus, what’s wrong with you?”

“Hehe… Princess Zi taught that little guy a lesson yesterday, and it certainly doesn’t dare come out again. Just be obedient and don’t force me to be impolite.”

Nan Ningxin focused her spiritual power in her forehead, before she suddenly sat up and slammed into Yin Neng’s head.

Not expecting her to be so brutal, Yin Neng was hit in the head, and blood gushed out.

Nan Ningxin took the chance to escape from under him and ran away from the bed while she cried for help.

Yin Neng soon came back to himself and threw her onto the bed again. “I can’t sleep with my lawful wife? Scream louder and have everyone come. I like people watching me when I am doing this.”

Yin Neng certainly wasn’t a gentleman.

Nan Ningxin was dizzy after the throw, but she knew that she was trapped.

However, she felt that this was Gu Bailu’s scheme alone, because she was the only one who could summon Yin Neng.

Prince Zi couldn’t be aware of this. She had to let Prince Zi know that she had been violated.

The wedding party wasn’t over yet. As long as she was loud enough, someone would definitely come.

Nan Ningxin struggled to mercilessly unleash her spiritual power at Yin Neng’s face.

Yin Neng snorted. “You think you can defeat me?”

There were few people in this world that could defeat him with their own power.

Nan Ningxin took off the blindfold, and her face drained of color when she saw Yin Neng’s face, which was no better than a skull.

Thinking about how she had just been touched by such a hideous man, she almost threw up.

She would rather die than be touched by him!

Nan Ningxin concentrated her spiritual power again to attack Yin Neng, but Yin Neng didn’t even bother to dodge this time. He simply fortified himself and lunged at Nan Ningxin.