Huh? Blindfolded consummation?

Wouldn’t Yin Neng be angry if he couldn’t see such a beautiful bride?

That man was more than a hundred years old. Could he even do it with his eyes closed?

The more clever guests, however, realized that this was a fatal trap for Nan Ningxin.

“Great idea! Blindfolded consummation will be extra fun.”

Nan Ningxin was so angry that she felt like slapping them. She wanted Prince Zi to see her naked in order to seduce him.

How could she do that if he was blindfolded?

Before she could figure it out, her eyes were covered with a thick cloth.

She could no longer see a thing.

“General Ye, this prank is too much. How can we drink from the marriage cups if we can’t see each other?” asked Nan Ningxin gloomily.

“I’m sure that the bridegroom can appreciate your beauty even if he can’t see you.”

“The bridegroom is slightly drunk. You must take good care of him. Haha. It’s getting dark. Time to go. We don’t want to delay the lovebirds.”

Everybody dispersed. Immediately, the stench and the noise in the room disappeared.

“Both of you, leave, and don’t come in unless instructed… No, you don’t have to stay on watch tonight. Go back and get some rest.” Nan Ningxin drove her maids away.

It would be more difficult for her to handle matters with them around.

Soon, the door opened again, and Nan Ningxin smelled alcohol. She immediately asked, “Prince Zi?”

“Have this.” The smell got stronger and stronger. Nan Ningxin wondered how much Prince Zi had drunk.

A cup was given to her, and Nan Ningxin crossed arms with her husband and drank the wine quickly.

The man said, “I’ll take a shower. Wait for me.”

His voice was hoarse and he sounded slightly drunk. Nan Ningxin didn’t think it sounded like Prince Zi, but then again, she had never seen Prince Zi drunk.

She wondered if a man’s voice changed after they got drunk.

Soon, the sounds in the bathroom suggested that he was taking a shower.

Nan Ningxin grew anxious. Picturing the muscles on Prince Zi in her head, Nan Ningxin grew excited.

The wine gave her a heady and sensual feeling.

Nan Ningxin moaned and took off her red dress.

Underneath was the special lingerie that she had designed herself. The thin, white lingerie perfectly highlighted her body figure.

She was very confident in her appearance.

In the sexy underwear, she lay on the bed and rubbed her breasts.

She found it more exciting with her eyes covered, so she didn’t take the blindfold off.

After the shower, Yin Neng took the pill that Gu Bailu gave him and felt energized. Then, he saw the most erotic scene.

“Honey, are you out? Why are you still waiting? Come on.” Nan Ningxin moved her foot up his thigh, making Yin Neng’s eyes blaze.

He couldn’t hold back anymore, and jumped her. “You little sl*t, I’ll give you a good time tonight.”

Sensing someone over her, Nan Ningxin chuckled and said, “You can’t hold back anymore? Why couldn’t you touch me before?”

“Whoever can hold back after seeing you like this isn’t a man.”

Yin Neng tore off her underwear and took her without any hesitation.

Nan Ningxin moaned comfortably. “Why the rush…”

Her hands rested on the man’s neck. Then, she realized that something was wrong. Why was this man so skinny?