Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 347 - Blindfolded Consummation

Chapter 347 Blindfolded Consummation

“Useless? Do you think she could’ve contracted Yin Neng if she were useless? Yin Neng can destroy your whole family.

“Show him enough respect.” Ye Huai stood up and knew that Princess Zi would be nicer to him now that he had spoken up for her.

After learning Yin Neng’s history, nobody dared to disrespect Yin Neng any longer even if they despised his looks and age.

Yin Neng was more popular than ever.

He got half-drunk as people kept toasting him.

He hadn’t drunk much over the last hundred years. Fearing that he would be too drunk to do anything at night, Gu Bailu told Ye Ying to stop him.

In the wedding room, Nan Ningxin was sitting on the bed in her red dress. Her maid listened at the window for a moment and said, “My lady, the party is almost over. I think your husband is coming.”

Nan Ningxin put on a smile. “Is Prince Zi gorgeous today? I look forward to seeing him.”

Covered with a veil, she couldn’t see her beloved man at all during the wedding.

She had been looking forward to this for years. In order to get him, she had entered the cycle of reincarnation with no thought to the cost.

So, he could only belong to her; one day, he would belong to her.

Princess Zi was also a title that only she could have.

“Princess, how are you going to consummate the marriage with the prince tonight? Will the old lady’s trick work?”

Nan Ningxin pulled a long face. “I have my ways. I belong to him now; I certainly can ensnare him.”

She had been too prudent before, which was why Gu Bailu had gotten to him first.

She decided to be less hesitant.

Her skills in bed were so good that even that big devil couldn’t let go of her.

As long as Prince Zi could touch her just once, she was confident that he would never want to visit Gu Bailu’s bed again.

“Here’s the bridal chamber. Open the door now!” There was a shout from outside, followed by noisy footsteps.

“Princess, your husband is here, along with the pranksters,” said the maid in excitement. “The prince looks great in the red robe. No man is more gorgeous than he is.”

“Not just men. Few women are better-looking than him,” said Nan Ningxin proudly.

Such an excellent man would be hers very soon, and she would keep him whatever the cost.

The door opened, and a guest in a yellow robe rushed in. “Let’s see how beautiful the bride is…”

His mouth stank, indicating that he was drunk.

The maid hurriedly stopped him. “No, no. Only the bridegroom can see the bride.”

The guest pushed her away. “She belongs to him tonight, but until then, we get to enjoy her first.”

Nan Ningxin frowned. Such pranks seemed too outrageous for Prince Zi’s wedding.

“Alright, you’re freaking out the bride. Look, the maid is almost in tears; that’s not good. If anything goes wrong, Prince Zi will come after you.”

Nan Ningxin was reassured to hear Ye Huai’s voice, knowing that he could suppress all the pranksters here.

“General Ye, pranks during the wedding are fun and part of tradition, aren’t they?”

Ye Huai nodded and said, “You’re right. So why don’t we have the bride and bridegroom consummate their marriage blindfolded?”