Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 346 - Princess Zi Is Not Garbage

What did that mean?

The bridegroom will make the toast? Aren’t you the bridegroom?

Everybody fell silent, not knowing what to say or do.

“Prince Zi, what did you do to make everybody look so awkward?” Ye Huai walked out with Yin Neng, who was wearing a splendid red robe.

Everybody fixed their eyes on him, and Ye Huai smirked wickedly. “Don’t look at me. I’m not the bridegroom. The bridegroom is here. He may seem thin, but he has a good tolerance for alcohol. Feel free to get him drunk. Hahahaha!”

Ye Huai had been shocked when he received the invitation. His best friend had married Gu Bailu without informing him, and was now marrying another woman?

He visited Prince Zi last night and finally figured out that it was Yin Neng who was getting married, and that the misunderstanding was intentional.

He learned that he should never piss off a woman pampered by a man.

Everybody kept silent, and felt that the sun was particularly dazzling.

Finally, someone raised their cup and drank. “To the bridegroom!”

The awkward silence had to be broken.

Yin Neng chuckled. “This is the first time I’m getting married after a hundred years. Your surprise is understandable.”

Shocking all these people felt even better than killing them.

Gu Bailu arrived with Ah Luo and Ye Ying. “Why are all of you still standing? Sit and enjoy the food. All the dishes here were made by the best cooks.”

Everybody was lost for words. Do you have nothing better to do? Why are you holding such a grand wedding when it isn’t for Prince Zi?

Now, you’re telling us that it isn’t Prince Zi who’s getting married, but a crappy old man who’s marrying Miss Murong?

Does the Murong family know? Does Miss Murong know?

“Come, let’s eat and drink.”

Someone said, “There’s food and wine here. Let’s just enjoy the show.”

A more exciting drama was probably going to take place at night.

The Murong family certainly wouldn’t have allowed Miss Murong to marry such an old man.

Yin Neng was rather generous. He toasted each and every one of the guests without any hesitation.

“Can this old man still get it up?”

“I feel sorry for Miss Murong. She’ll essentially be a widow.”

“But I heard that he was the one who did Miss Murong before. I think he still has it in him.”

“Haha, you’re right. That old man will certainly try his best with such a gorgeous lady.”

“He’s just a contract beast. Why is Prince Zi holding such a grand wedding for him?”

“It’s all because of Princess Zi. Prince Zi does everything that she wants,” Ye Huai interjected. “You really can’t spoil a woman. They’ll forget boundaries the moment you spoil them.”

“You’ve been troubled by a woman, too?” everybody asked curiously.

“I’ve already suffered enough just watching them. But watch yourselves when you pull pranks on him tonight. He’s Yin Neng!”

“Yin Neng? The Yin Neng that was locked up by the three lord masters together?”


They didn’t know that he was such a great figure. How on earth did Princess Zi contract him?

“Is Princess Zi truly useless?”