Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 345 - 345 Prince Zi Is Not the Bridegroom

345 Prince Zi Is Not the Bridegroom

“What did you say? The bridegroom is Prince Zi? Why did I hear that it’s someone else?” asked one of the guests, who had just returned from the toilet.

“Stop kidding. This is Prince Zi’s house. Prince Zi and Princess Zi were both here when the bride performed the ritual. Yet, you’re saying that the bridegroom isn’t Prince Zi? Are you drunk?”

“I found it odd, too. Just now, I saw Prince Zi’s servants congratulating a man in a red robe on the marriage. He didn’t look like Prince Zi at all.”

“You must’ve heard wrong. How could it be anyone else?”

“I’m positive that I heard right. I stopped for a moment to make sure. The man said that he was slightly nervous because this was the first time he was getting married after a hundred years.”

“Stop talking such nonsense, or you might never talk again when Prince Zi hears this.”

The guest was angry that nobody believed him. “You can go listen for yourself. The man in the red robe is still in the inner yard. You can also ask their servants.”

“Who dares to ask that? You think we’re fools? This isn’t the place for us to fool around.”

“I’m serious!”

“I don’t think you are. Who else in Prince Zi’s house deserves such a grand wedding, and with so many royal family members present as guests, except Prince Zi?”

“You’re right. We’re here for Prince Zi’s wedding, and you’re saying that it’s actually someone else that’s getting married.”

“Hahaha, I think this man is only fantasizing that the bride isn’t marrying Prince Zi since he’s reluctant to give up on her.”

“The bride will belong to Prince Zi soon. You better give up on your delusions, or you may die before you see it coming.”

“You think Prince Zi is marrying her because he likes her? Of course not. It’s only because that thing happened in his house, and he has to take the blame.”

“You’re right. If she really is important to him, the wedding wouldn’t be so rushed. I heard that she’s not even on the list of royal family members yet.”

“You think Prince Zi will touch a woman who’s no longer pure? Prince Zi is only marrying her in order to preserve her reputation.”

“Prince Zi can’t touch her even if he wanted to.”

“But still, she’s going to marry Prince Zi. How lucky she is…”

“Stop saying that. It’s possible that it was indeed Prince Zi who did that to her.”

“Why is Prince Zi still not here?”

“Prince Zi is here…”

All the guests stood up and looked over, only to see Prince Zi in a black robe with a gold hood that made him look daunting and magnificent.

But he didn’t seem excited at all.

Traditionally, the bridegroom should be wearing a red robe when he toasted the guests.

Everybody found it odd but understandable, since Prince Zi never followed rules and traditions.

Other people took half a year to plan a wedding, but he married Princess Zi without anybody knowing about it, and was marrying yet another woman just two days later.

It was utterly unlawful, but it seemed to make perfect sense when it came to him.

“Sit down. Thank you for taking part in this wedding, and please forgive us for our imperfect preparations. Now, the bridegroom will make his toast. Please make yourself at home.”