Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 342 - Nan Ningxin Feels Wronged

342 Nan Ningxin Feels Wronged

“What about the letter of proposal?” Lady Murong sat down unconcernedly.

In her eyes, her granddaughter was only making a fuss because Prince Zi was too important to her. She understood the feeling, as she had felt the same when she got married.

She had been hopeful but also scared that something would go wrong and ruin her happiness.

Nan Ningxin frowned. “It’s not stated in the letter of proposal who’s marrying whom.”

Lady Murong patted her hand and said, “Rest assured, nothing can go wrong since Princess Zi was here to propose in person. Princess Zi says that they had to draft up the letter quickly, so they didn’t write any names on it.”

“Also, you know that Prince Zi’s name cannot be written down without the permission of the royal family. He’ll definitely talk to His Majesty later.”

Nan Ningxin still didn’t feel relieved. “Grandmother, is this really okay? I still feel that we’re rushing into the marriage.”

Lady Murong glared at her. “Silly girl, the sooner you’re married, the better. There’ll be no more rumors after you marry Prince Zi, whom you’ve always been close to.”

Nan Ningxin realized that it did make sense. Though the wedding was rushed, it was the best arrangement for her.

“What was Prince Zi’s attitude like? I didn’t see him today.”

“Prince Zi is a loyal man. He certainly can’t sit by after what happened to you. It was a nice gesture for him to propose in person. You must serve him well, and hope that he can touch you sooner…” Lady Murong grew worried when she thought that.

Though Prince Zi had taken the blame for Ningxin’s loss of virginity, Lady Murong knew that he probably hadn’t touched her.

If he still couldn’t touch her in the future, how could Ningxin win her husband’s heart?

Nan Ningxin hugged Lady Murong and said, “Rest assured, I have my own ways. Thank you, grandmother.”

Lady Murong patted her back warmly. “Lanyi went missing and I don’t know how she is right now. I only hope that both of you can live happily.”

Lanyi wasn’t as close to her as Ningxin was, but she was still smart and obedient.

Ningxin, in comparison, was like a coat that had always warmed her.

“Rest assured, grandmother, Lanyi is happy with the one she loves.”

“She really should’ve sent us a letter.” Lady Murong looked at Nan Ningxin’s face when she said that.

Nan Ningxin comforted her as usual. “She must be afraid of capture. I think she’ll return when things have settled.”

“Really? How long do you think it’ll take?” Lady Murong grew hopeful.

Her granddaughter was obviously alive. That Princess Zi was simply bullsh*tting.

“I think she’ll come back once she has a baby.”

“Let’s hope so. You should work harder too. Although Princess Zi married earlier than you, there wasn’t a wedding. What you see might not be the truth. Your position will be safe if you bear Prince Zi a child.”

Nan Ningxin said regretfully, “Grandmother, I never expected to share a husband with another woman.”

“I know you feel bad. Prince Zi might grow tired of that useless woman soon, don’t worry.”