Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 341 - What Kind of Proposal Is This?

341 What Kind of Proposal Is This?

“Cousin, thank you for your trouble.” Nan Ningxin nodded at Murong Huangtang.

Murong Huangtang said, “Cousin, I can see that Prince Zi is very nice to Gu Bailu. Why don’t you marry me instead? I swear that I’ll cherish you.”

“You’re willing to let go of your lovers?” Nan Ningxin chuckled.

Murong Huangtang didn’t hesitate. “As long as you say yes, I’ll get rid of all of them.”

Nan Ningxin glared at him. “Cousin, you’re too ruthless. Those are all gorgeous women…”

She then strode off gracefully.

Even her glare still enthralled Murong Huangtang, and he regretted that he couldn’t get a taste of her.

Nan Ningxin went to the hall, only to see nothing but a few cups of tea on the table.

“Where are they?” Nan Ningxin asked her maid, raising her voice.

Why wasn’t her grandmother here? Did something go wrong?

“The old lady is seeing Prince and Princess Zi off,” the maid replied carefully.

“Why didn’t she have them stay longer until I came?” Nan Ningxin sat down angrily.

She hated that filthy man who visited her at the worst possible time.

One day, she would get back at him.

“Ningxin, what were you doing? They’ve already left.”

Lady Murong was puzzled to see Nan Ningxin after she returned to the hall.

If Prince Zi had been more sensitive, he might’ve canceled the proposal just now.

Nan Ningxin lowered her head shyly. “I was hoping to present the best side of myself, so it took me longer than usual to get dressed.”

“But that was still too long. To everyone else, it might look like you’re expressing your reluctance, and Prince Zi could have changed his mind if he wanted to.”

Respect was important to a man. Prince Zi could have read that reluctance as arrogance.

“What about the wedding?” Nan Ningxin asked concernedly, “Did Prince Zi…”

Had Prince Zi left just like that?

Nan Ningxin was prepared to chase after him. “I’ll catch up to him and explain myself.”

Lady Murong glared at her. “He’s gone, and it would be inappropriate for you to go after him now.”

“How can I not go after him? After so long…” Nan Ningxin almost burst into tears of anxiety.

Lady Murong chuckled and gave her the letter of proposal. “Don’t be so nervous. You should thank Prince Zi for not being petty. This is the letter of proposal. The wedding will be held tomorrow.”

Nan Ningxin was surprised when she read the letter. “Tomorrow? Isn’t that too rushed?”

Was a carriage going to take her into Prince Zi’s house as a concubine without a formal ceremony at all?

Lady Murong patted her shoulder and said, “Rest assured, you’re marrying as a wife. Prince Zi wants to hold the wedding sooner because he’s considering your reputation. So, we have to start making preparations right now. Good thing your bridal clothes are ready…”

“Grandmother, what did you say? I’m marrying as a wife?” Nan Ningxin was excited.

She had thought that she would be taken in as a concubine at most.

“It’s all in the letter of proposal. Just take a look yourself.” Lady Murong was quite excited.

Nan Ningxin read the letter quickly, only for her face to change. “Grandmother, what kind of proposal is this?”