338 We“re Family

Fourthly, she hadn’t avenged her family yet, and it was hard for her to trust anyone easily.

She was well aware of Feng Qingtian’s feelings for her. Perhaps, even if she set Pale Emperor City on fire, he would still say that it was fine, and would take care of everything for her.

It was unreasonable pampering, but she had to admit that it was enjoyable and touching.

Sometimes, she was worried that she would inadvertently fall for him.

“I love you right now. I don’t care about the former lover.” Feng Qingtian, however, had freed himself of the struggle.

Whatever happened in his past lives, he only cared about the present.

“You might be considered an unfaithful man.” Gu Bailu snorted. “Anyone who loves you may become heartbroken when they find out how you abandoned your former lover.”

Feng Qingtian bit her chest and said, “I can’t promise anything about future lives, but I guarantee that I’ll be devoted to you for the rest of this life.”

Gu Bailu raised her eyes and looked at his impeccable face. She never thought that she could be loved and pampered by such a man.

Had god given Nan Ningxin’s man to her because Nan Ningxin had deceived her so cruelly in her previous life?

Karma was indeed a thing.

Feng Qingtian turned cold. “Why? You don’t believe me? I can convince you.”

He then put his hand into her dress, and Gu Bailu hurriedly stopped him. “Of course I do! I believe you!”


“My lord, the people of the Murong family are welcoming us. Would you like to come out?”

Qin Shou waited outside the carriage for a long time, but the two people inside didn’t appear to be getting out at all, and he seemed to be hearing weird sounds.

But they couldn’t keep Lady Murong and the important people of her family waiting.

More importantly, was it really the right time to do that sort of thing with so many people outside?

“My lady, that old woman is out. She’s smiling happily,” said Ah Luo from outside.

Gu Bailu hurriedly pushed Feng Qingtian away. “We’re here for business.”

“There’s only one business in my eyes.” His fiery eyes brushed over Gu Bailu’s red lips. He wished that he could kiss those lips until they were swollen, so that the whole world would know what a loving couple they were and that Gu Bailu belonged to him exclusively.

Gu Bailu could read his mind all too well. She glanced at him and jumped off the carriage first.

She raised her head, only to see Lady Murong standing at the main entrance with a bunch of family members.

Her husband even snorted in disdain when he saw Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu grinned. It seemed that the old man still remembered what happened between them.

She knew few people of the Murong family except Murong Huangtang, who was wearing an azure robe and standing in front of the youngsters. He looked handsome but seemed exhausted, possibly from excessive sex.

Suddenly, her head was turned around as Feng Qingtian said coldly, “Who are you looking at?”

“I’m meeting the people of the Murong family. We’re going to be family later, aren’t we, my lady?” Gu Bailu looked at Lady Murong.

Lady Murong smiled. “Of course we are. That’s well said, Princess Zi. Family members should know one another. I’ll introduce them to you later.”