337 Excited

Nan Ningxin calmed down after hearing what Lady Murong said.

Since Prince Zi was here, it meant that he didn’t want her to be hurt by the rumors.

She knew that he wouldn’t be so ruthless as to turn a blind eye to his former lover.

Gu Bailu set her up, but it only increased the guilt which Prince Zi felt toward his former lover. Gu Bailu had become the victim of her own scheme.

Nan Ningxin smiled. As long as she could enter Prince Zi’s house, she was sure that she could win all of Prince Zi’s love from Gu Bailu.

“Alright, go dress yourself. I’ll check if it’s real.”

Lady Murong felt that this turn of events was too surreal and that she had to check it out herself.

However, Prince Zi wasn’t a heartless person; though he seemed cold, his decision was understandable. So, Lady Murong sent someone she trusted to investigate.

Soon, the person returned and reported that Prince Zi was here to propose with a tremendous amount of gifts.

“In that case, open the front gates and welcome Prince Zi in.” Excited, Lady Murong was finally reassured.

“Yes, my lady, I’m on it.”

The butler was ecstatic as well. The front gates of this house had never been opened since Lady Murong’s wedding.

The front gates of the Murong family house remained closed except for important occasions.

It hadn’t opened even for the weddings of the few geniuses of the younger generation of the Murong family.

Opening the front gates for Prince Zi was a sign of Lady Murong’s respect for him.

It had always been her wish to marry Nan Ningxin to Prince Zi, which would allow the Murong family to continue to thrive for at least the next three hundred years.

The low-key but luxurious carriage reached the front gates.

Gu Bailu lifted the curtain, only to see that the front gates were now wide open, revealing the extravagant second gates behind them.

“It seems that we’re welcomed here. Even the front gates have been opened for us.” Gu Bailu smiled.

Feng Qingtian hugged and kissed her. “Why are you so happy about Yin Neng’s marriage?”

“Because I want Miss Nan to find the right person for her and stop coveting my man all the time,” said Gu Bailu matter-of-factly, concealing none of her intentions.

Feng Qingtian loved her clever tricks. He grabbed her jaw and kissed her fervently.

Swooning, Gu Bailu breathed heavily in Feng Qingtian’s arms.

After learning of his history with Nan Ningxin and becoming Princess Zi, she wasn’t as opposed to Feng Qingtian now.

Instead, she quite enjoyed the pleasure of kissing.

“Your man is always yours. Other people coveting me won’t change anything,” Feng Qingtian whispered hoarsely in her ear as he kissed her earlobe.

“I don’t think you’ll say the same when your former lover does show up.”

Gu Bailu was reluctant to devote herself to him for many reasons. Firstly, Feng Qingtian falling in love with her had been too sudden and crazy, and felt like it had happened on the spur of the moment.

Secondly, he had a former lover whom he deeply loved; Feng Qingtian had probably transferred his feelings for her to Gu Bailu because Gu Bailu was similar to her.

Once his former lover did show up, chances were that his attitude would change.

Thirdly, Feng Qingtian couldn’t sleep with any women other than her for now, so of course he would treat her differently.