Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 336 - Prince Zi Is Here to Propose

336 Prince Zi Is Here to Propose

Why would she add to the maids’ trouble? Their life was difficult enough as it was.

After Gu Bailu changed, Feng Qingtian picked her up.

A low-key but luxurious carriage was parked outside the door, and people crowded the road.

Gu Bailu had expected onlookers, but not so many of them.

Those ladies and misses must’ve spread what happened today to everyone they knew.

“Are Prince Zi and Princess Zi going to the Murong family house?”

“They’re definitely going to propose. Look at how many bridal gifts there are!”

“Didn’t they say that Miss Murong didn’t lose her virginity to Prince Zi?”

“But Prince Zi has to take the blame. It happened in his house anyway.”

“Prince Zi has feelings for Miss Murong anyway.”

“I don’t think the princess ever had a wedding or received any bridal gifts. Is Prince Zi going to marry another wife?”

“I envy Miss Murong. I should’ve lost my virginity too if I had known earlier.”

Listening to their discussion, Gu Bailu got on the carriage.

Such gossip was exactly what she wanted. The more they gossiped, the more devastated Nan Ningxin would be later.

It truly felt great to manipulate other people.

Leading carriages of bridal gifts, the carriage set off for the Murong family house.

In the Murong family house, Nan Ningxin had already “woken up.”

Lady Murong asked broodingly, “Ningxin, tell me the truth. What happened?”

Didn’t she lose her virginity to Prince Zi? Why was Yin Neng part of this?

Bewildered, Nan Ningxin shook her head. “I really don’t know. I passed out. But I think it should be Prince Zi. I know how he feels.”

Lady Murong frowned. “Are you saying that Gu Bailu is doing this on purpose?”

After Prince Zi had sex with Nan Ningxin, Princess Zi decided to shift the blame to Yin Neng so that Prince Zi wouldn’t be held responsible?

“I think so too. That old man was too hideous. I would never allow him to touch me.” Nan Ningxin ran into Lady Murong’s arms. “Grandmother, you have to make things right for me!”

Lady Murong patted her back. “Rest assured, I won’t let anyone take advantage of you.”

Right then, the butler rushed in. “My lady, great news! Great news!”

Lady Murong was in a terrible mood after being strung along by Gu Bailu.

“What great news? I’ll chop you up if it isn’t.”

“Prince Zi is here to propose with 108 carriages of bridal gifts.”

“Propose? Why is he here to propose all of a sudden?”

Lady Murong was both delighted and surprised. Hadn’t the blame been shifted to Yin Neng?

“It’s true. Their team is about to reach our road. Prince Zi is here in person.”

Why would Prince Zi come in person with so many bridal gifts if he wasn’t here to propose?

Nan Ningxin immediately sat up straight. “Are you serious?”

The butler said cheerfully, “Absolutely, my lady. It’s all over town.”

“Prince Zi isn’t a bad man after all,” said Lady Murong, appeased.

He was showing his sincerity by coming in person.

Nan Ningxin hurriedly got off the bed. “Have someone dress me now. Grandmother, what do I do? I don’t think there’s enough time. I can’t go out like this.”

“Don’t be anxious. If he’s here to propose, he can wait.”