333 Fall of the White Lotus 2

Gu Bailu took her carriage back to Prince Zi’s house and summoned the butler. “Prepare enough bridal gifts for me.”

The butler was stunned. “Bridal gifts? Is there anyone getting married?”

Had his lord really slept with Miss Murong, and now he had to marry her?

If so, wasn’t the princess too generous? He had thought that the princess was too petty to share her husband with someone else. Was he wrong?

“My contracted beast is going to be married. Prepare as many bridal gifts as possible, for he’s marrying the young lady of the Murong family.”

“What? Who’s going to marry whom?” The butler was shocked.

His ears must’ve deceived him. The princess’s contracted beast was going to marry Miss Murong?

But wasn’t his lord interested in Miss Murong’s family?

Was his lord even aware of this?

“You heard me. I don’t want to repeat myself. Get the preparations down. He’s going to propose this afternoon.”

Gu Bailu ignored the butler’s shock, knowing that he had heard her instruction.

“Princess, I don’t think I can prepare so many bridal gifts so quickly…” The butler felt a headache coming on. Preparing for a marriage could take months. How could he accomplish the task in a day?

“Butler, I believe in the capabilities of Prince Zi’s house.”

Gu Bailu left after giving the instruction.

Very soon, Feng Qingtian returned. He asked with a strange expression, “Are you really helping Yin Neng get married?”

Feng Qingtian almost thought that his ears had deceived him when he heard the report.

Yin Neng was old and hideous. Any woman that married him would suffer.

Even if he had despoiled Nan Ningxin, she couldn’t marry him.

How did Gu Bailu even come up with such an idea?

Gu Bailu put down her book and looked at him. “Why don’t you care about your former lover? You may have to marry her.”

Feng Qingtian turned cold. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ye Ying had reported everything to him. He was happy that Gu Bailu trusted him, but he was unhappy that she was being willful.

“She really wants to marry you. She was having sex with you even when she was drugged.”

Feng Qingtian tapped her head and said, “How can I have sex with her when I’m impotent with her?”

Gu Bailu snorted. “She’s your former lover!”

Feng Qingtian hugged her and asked, “Why did the Night Lotus listen to you?”

“Like I said, I can deal with the Night Lotus. If you trust me, I can tell you that Nan Ningxin isn’t your former lover. I’ve talked to the Night Lotus, and it’s still waiting for its master.”

Feng Qingtian said, “It doesn’t matter whether she is or not now.”

Her soul had changed too much. He really didn’t like it at all.

“Are you sure? You’re not angry about her deception?”

Gu Bailu didn’t think that he was such an open-minded man.

Feng Qingtian rubbed her head and said, “Rest assured, I won’t let go of anyone who deceived me.”

“So, let’s marry her to Yin Neng. They’re the perfect couple.”

“Alright, if that’s your wish, prepare for it now. I’ll go with you this afternoon.”

Gu Bailu hugged him in delight. “Really? She’ll be so much happier if you’re there.”